Sunday, 24 October 2021

Blogtober 2021 :: Day 24

Cheating with photos taken before today. Today went like this: watch football, work, housework, walk dog, work. I am pretty much done for the day now though which feels brilliant. The house is surface clean (ish) and I even decluttered some shoes along to the shoe bank for extra bonus points. I do love Sunday evenings.

I managed a tiny bit of reading this morning as well while I was waiting for the football. I always mean to read more, but it is always the last thing on my list. To be done when everything else has been done, or when I can't do any more of the other things, which means I am generally tired and with low focus. But in the half hour before a football match starts, I sit in the car in total peace, with nothing else to do except read and it is utter bliss. Honestly, it's a wonder I even get out of the car and go and watch. 

The littlest boy was tempted along on the dog walk this evening with the promise of a tasty snack from the corner shop. Alas, there seems to be a crisp shortage, with vast expanses of empty shelves. At this rate, we will have to resort to making our own. How hard can it be? Potato, fat, salt. And it will be lower plastic usage as well I should think, although the sunflower oil comes in a plastic bottle. Has anyone made their own crisps? I have a thing I do with cashew nuts which is lovely. Put shoyu (I use Kikkoman) in a bowl and add a spoon or two of harissa paste. Mix it around, then put in a load of cashew nuts. Toss around a bit and leave to stand for a couple of hours, mixing occasionally. Spread on a baking sheet and dry in a low oven. Honestly delicious. And around 18% protein, if you happen to be building muscle mass, which some people are in this house.

Have you ever seen Eddie Hall? Petty much who we model ourselves on, even the dog, who is in fact also nicknamed The Beast. It involves eating almost all day long. I will be taking up boxing next.


  1. Those cashew nuts sound wonderful; I'm definitely going to have to try those. The only crisps I've tried making are kale ones which, though nice in moderation, are a bit worthy. Glad you got your half hour of pre-match bliss, it sounds as if it was very well deserved. xx

  2. I can just see you there sat in your car loving every reading moment. Hope you’ve had a restful Sunday evening. B x

  3. I like the pictures, especially the first one. If there is a crisp shortage I'm thankful I don't eat them, unlike cashews. I hope that you find the time to read more. xx

  4. Reading is last on my list too. A bonus when the weather is poor and we can't do anything outdoors. I've made my own crisps - a while ago now. I shaved the potatoes with one of those potato peelers with a long blade. It is easy.