Sunday 11 April 2021

Into the light


More over-exposed photos from my camera, really must get that sorted. Although at the moment I am focusing on trying to get someone to fix my old laptop that I use as a second screen. It just needs a new cable putting in between the screen and the keyboard bit, but the local shop quoted me a ludicrous amount that involved ordering things from America and waiting for weeks and paying import tax and all sorts of ridiculousness. The he tried to sell me a new laptop. The piece I need is £3.50 on ebay. 

I also had a bit of trouble with quotes for new fencing. £1,600 for collecting a dozen new panels and dropping them into the pre-existing concrete uprights. I don't mind paying a reasonable sum for having a job well done, but given that the panels themselves cost less than £30 each, it seemed excessive. So I haven't tackled the camera thing yet. Plus, where would I go? 

I booked to take my eldest, the birdwatcher, to the wetlands place, then it was cancelled, and I booked to the take the youngest to a skatepark and that was cancelled too. Not complaining at all, but it was very exciting to write things on the calendar. Now we are back down to 'Worm Dog' and 'Check Miso - 6 Months'. (I made some homemade miso a while back, which needs to ferment for half a year). 

The barbers open tomorrow, but they are not operating a booking system so it will be queues the length of the high street I imagine. There is a serious amount of hair in this house, people are receiving comments. Not me, I did my own. And hopefully it will have grown back out in a year or so.

There is a serious cat problem in the back garden at the moment. With a missing fence panel at the back, it is a cat free-for-all. I had no idea there were so many. Bert is incensed. More so as he is not allowed out because of the missing fence panel and the risk that he would spot a cat and that's the last we'd see of him. 

Football has started up again, which is good, although I'd forgotten how long a match is and how cold it can be standing there watching. I think I have become soft over lockdown. All that nice warm inside time. 

News from your end? xx