Saturday 5 March 2022

A taste for electrician


The dog thanks you for all of your well wishes and would like you to know that he is on the mend. However, he is now low fat all the way, which he has found disappointing. He sits near the table looking sad, squeaking slightly and licking the air in case a stray cream molecule has wafted his way. 

He is still rather reluctant to walk in the mornings. I am wondering if he is maybe just not a morning person. On occasion, he plants himself and refuses to move. His dear little paws would slide along the concrete before he would take a step, I am sure. Or maybe it is just a protest over the whole low fat thing. If only we could have a conversation. I think he still isn't quite himself, so I am letting him get away with no morning walk, or just a short one, when he wants.

We had a power cut the other day. Of course it was at beer o'clock on a Friday evening and there wasn't an electrician to be found. One of them talked me through some things, so that we had half a house of power. He came out the next morning and spent an inordinate amount of time testing things, without really identifying the problem. 

I was out, and other people were left in charge. At one point, the electrician opened the living room door and marched in unannounced, at which point the dog panicked and nipped him. Oh my. The dog is a fairly nervous beast and doesn't like to be surprised on home turf. Fortunately the electrician was a dog person and very understanding and didn't seem to mind at all. I am just hoping that the dog hasn't got a taste for electrician though.

The eldest boy is considering universities. He wondered whether cacao powder would be available at the one he is thinking of. I explained gently that cacao powder would not be within his budget. Honestly, it's barely within mine.

The youngest was told to look at a careers website (he will be choosing his GCSEs soon). He picked out tree surgeon (loves climbing trees), hat designer (he is very big on accessories), graffiti artist (art and parkour combined, also with the possible thrill of running across rooftops away from the police) and astronaut.

I seem to remember wanting to be a stunt woman or a shepherdess. Any careers at your end that you thought you might have a bash at?