Sunday 21 May 2023

Up in the air


Vertiginous shots from the top of St Mary's Church at Hawkesbury. It doesn't look that high from the ground, but it felt a bit scary up there to be honest. And it was a very tight squeeze going up the stairs and out of the tiny door at the top. Lovely views though, so all worth it. I didn't go too close to the edge, the parapet wasn't very high and I'm definitely one for keeping below parapets whenever possible.

No Mow May is in full swing in the garden. There are all sorts of flowers coming up, which is nice. There is a tiny scrap of grass near here and I have counted at least 12 different wildflowers in it. It's around one metre by two metres and just stuck at the edge of the pavement. But so much variety in there, it's wonderful, I have been fascinated by it.

The wisteria is in full swing in the garden and I have spent far too long looking out of the window at it. The dog keeps standing right under/in the flowers wagging his tail because of the loveliness of it all so that the petals fall off on him, then he brings them all into the house on his fur and they fall off all over the carpet. And the littlest boy dropped a cactus in his bed this morning. So all of the usual clearing up to be done around the homestead.

I took the middle boy to an author book signing thing last week. The author has a book on astropolitics out and the event sounded really interesting. In fact it was a big disappointment. The interviewer was a young chap from a local paper who just asked a load of questions about the author's childhood heroes and how he got into journalism. Astropolitics was hardly mentioned. There must have been almost a hundred people there and I bet they largely felt the same. Of course we all clapped politely at the end. It's like the green bench all over again. Which incidentally has not faded in any meaningful way and is still really shiny and really bright. 

I have been hedge trimming today, but the battery will only hold enough charge to trim for two minutes at a time. I am taking the hint and giving up. I did make sure there were no nesting birds before starting.

I discovered The Glucose Goddess the other day. She is all about keeping glucose levels steady, which is something I struggle with sometimes. I remember years ago going to the doctor about it and she had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. There seems to be a lot more knowledge and understanding about it all now.

The Glucose Goddess has lots of simple recommendations for avoiding glucose spikes, such as drinking apple cider vinegar before meals and adding more fibre to a dish and eating things at different times than you might otherwise - such as fruit after a meal and not on its own. It's all been very enlightening. 

Right, I am off to do a final two minutes of hedge trimming now, then it will be weeding the strawberries and then maybe going to the shop and buying some strawberries that someone else has grown and weeded and watered. I hope all is well at your end and that you have sunshine and some berries. xx