Saturday 14 October 2023

Carcasses and power naps

A distinct lack of photos on my camera at the moment. The cosmos picture is from earlier today, in the setting sun, but the fruit has long since been eaten. Strangely, I have the urge to grow vegetables, just as it is almost all over for the season. I have ordered Rekha Mistry's allotment book which looks lovely. Maybe I should pop in some broad beans. I tend not to grow onions and garlic now as I don't use them very much. But I did love the feeling that the new planting season was starting in October and watching the new green shoots appearing.

I think I might pull out the strawberries and plant asparagus instead. In fact, I went outside today to get started and then got cold feet. The strawberries were dreadful this summer, sort of pale and flaccid, but what if they were just having an off moment and are intending to be amazing next year?

The flowers were from the biggest boy and are from an ethical flower company. They were so lovely, all scented and delicious, with herbs and everything in there. I have of course kept the mint and rosemary as cuttings. For me that was the most exciting bit. And good to know that banging on about the horrors of some parts of the flower industry all these years did not fall on deaf ears. They are actually listening to me! On occasion.

The dog surpassed himself the other day. He found what I can only describe as a carcass up on the green near the local shop. He and I were locked in battle over it for a good ten minutes. I have no idea what it was, it was properly butchered (no limbs or innards or fur) but it was all flappy and really just not a very nice thing to have a tug of war with. He thought it was utterly delightful. We made a huge spectacle of ourselves. 

The dog was absolutely committed to keeping (and eating) whatever it was. Rabbit maybe. He has recently discovered rabbits at the community woodland and has been naughtier than ever before, running off after them (none caught, I'm happy to report). Anyway, there we were deadlocked over this dead flappy thing. As he got tired of holding on he made a last grab of it and pretty much squashed my finger, cutting it open slightly. So there I was, bleeding, with dog saliva and carcass bacteria coursing through my veins, but triumphantly holding my prize. I marched him home after that and got someone else to take him out so that I could wash my hands and sulk. Anyway, that was a few days ago and I am happy to report I am still here. I put the carcass in the bin and it had gone by morning. Clearly it was very sought after.

Not really any news to report here. The littlest boy went to the theatre in London and I had to pick him up at 1.30am. On a school night. The rain was biblical and actually lapping against the curb as cars went past. I pity the teachers who had to teach them the next day. I had a 10am power nap and was as good as new. I never have a lie-in, I hate missing the early mornings, but I am a big fan of the power nap when needed.

Has anyone else been amazed by the hoo-ha over the sycamore tree in Hadrian's Wall? While it is always disappointing to see a beautiful mature tree cut down, it was a single tree in a barren and over-grazed landscape. Where is all the outrage over the destruction of ancient woodlands, home to countless wild creatures? I have been quite cross about it all. Well, maybe it will encourage more tree protection in general, we shall see. 

Wishing all a lovely Sunday. CJ xx