Friday, 8 October 2021

Blogtober 2021 :: Day 8


Elephant garlic ready to see me through the winter and the last of the cucumber and tomatoes. The rocket and sorrel will keep going for a while though hopefully. I'll plant some more elephant garlic soon, it always does okay and I love the fact that it starts shooting just when the year is turning to winter. Although most things are dying away and having a rest, it's a reminder of new growth and a new season. Oh, and it makes me feel like Monty Don as well, who always has some on the go. 

Thank you for your recommendations re food, and it's good to know I'm not alone in the pain of making tea that people will eat. I very much like the look of Pick Up Limes which Catherine recommended, and I love that you can choose a recipe by ingredients. Aren't food bloggers brilliant? It all looks so exquisite. I sometimes toy with the idea of doing Instagram, but it is all so beautiful over there, all fantastic food photography and cosy corners and scrumptious desks, I do love the desks and the notebooks. Most it is brown and untidy and repetitive round here and once you've admired the elephant garlic I haven't got a lot else going on.

Today's drama involves the car, which has decided that sometimes it will start and sometimes it won't. It's not fixable without a chunk of money being thrown at it, so it may be new-to-me car time. Sigh. In the meantime, every journey has the excitement of wondering if I'll be stranded. Although the biggest urchins could easily push me down the road, should they be around. 

I think all the talk of decluttering the other day subliminally pushed me into tackling the littlest boy's room. It is small and full of dust. Or at least it was. Some things have gone in the bin, some things are in the resting place, where they will wait and see how big the drama is over the fact that they are missing. If they are not missed, then they will move on to the rehoming place that is the local Sort-It Centre or the charity shop. He hasn't seen it yet and I am bracing myself. He is generally furious. They all claim to know exactly where everything is until I interfere.


  1. I hope you don't get stranded anywhere far from home.... it is getting to be a bit cold for waiting until a breakdown recovery arrives. I used to love making nice dinners but it gets so boring after 20 years of parenting and accommodating fussy eaters. We have a take it or leave it policy in the house but more often than not we cook what the offspring likes because it is just less tiring than argue over the values of a varied and exiting cuisine. Our garlic bulbs are tiny, no elephantine properties at all. I never new there is such a thing as elephant garlic.

    Have a good weekend, hopefully no soggy football matches to watch. Cxx

  2. I like the idea of a resting place before something is finally recycled. It’s a bit like sorting the wardrobe where I make a pile of clothes unworn. If they are still unworn in a years time they go!
    Good luck with the car. Nothing worse than being stranded although as you say one of your men could push. Never tried elephant garlic. Like the idea of something growing in the veg patch in the winter. I think I’m a bit late to put in any rocket. Hope a quiet weekend is on the cards for you :). B x

  3. My 'resting place' is in the loft. It's where I put stuff (mostly from the girls' childhood) that I can't quite bring myself to part with yet. 'Pick up Limes' has a great YouTube channel too. I particularly enjoyed her recent video called something like 'An Afghan Feast'. Good luck with the car - I've had many a journey with my heart in my mouth because of an unreliable engine. We used to have an ancient mini which required bump starting every morning in cold weather. Luckily, we lived on a hill at the time, so it was a relatively easy process. Thank goodness it always worked before we reached the bottom! xx

  4. You should do Instagram! Your photos are always inspiring.