Saturday, 30 October 2021

Blogtober 2021 :: Day 30


I am optimistically typing a post, knowing that there are almost no pictures on my camera. I woke up to torrential rain and the stream was overflowing on our walk this morning. Thank you for your suggestions for lighting up the dog by the way. I particularly liked Lucy's idea of making it more of a fairy light situation. I just happen to have some tiny fairy lights, and you may recall that I have around 54 AA batteries owing to some weird sort of compulsion to buy them whenever I see them on offer. I have discovered I also do this with beautiful wooden salad servers. I never use them, ever, but I see them for sale and get all emotional over the loveliness of the wood, then they end up an a rarely used drawer where I forget about them.

Thank you for your lovely comments about the book and what a great gift it was. In fact, I did drop a few hints. I started out saying things like, 'Oh look at this, a signed Philip Pullman book, what a fantastic present that would make for someone who was a huge fan and happened to have a birthday coming up,' and ended up more along the lines of, 'IF WE DO NOT BUY ONE NOW THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT AND I WANT ONE.' There is no room for subtlety or manners when it comes to a signed Philip Pullman. In fact, the main bookshop ran out while people failed to act and things could have turned very ugly if a nice independent bookshop hadn't come to the rescue.

More heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow and I am wondering if football might be called off. I was reading earlier about how bits of Wales are slipping away under the weight of all the water, it is very concerning. Let's hope the people in charge have a plan. 

Have just added the photos. The water is a bit shocking, I don't think I've ever seen it that high, and I feel as though I am saying that regularly. You can see the difference in the bit where you can walk across the stream.

Yesterday, it was just covered:

Today, disappeared:

Wishing everyone a good Sunday. The last day of the month and it does feel as though October has flown by. It's a very different month at the end compared to the beginning I think. At the start, the remnants of summer are holding on. At the end, it is suddenly dark and wet and windy. I like to think about all the bacteria and fungi and worms breaking down the fallen leaves and making the soil lovely and rich ready for next year. I am ready for the new season. Onwards. 


  1. I’m laughing out loud at the possibility of those in charge having a plan. Don’t be silly. Oh my that is a lot of water. Dry here at the moment but we are due rain tomorrow. Maybe you’ll be dry and football/swimming will happen. Yes a big difference in thirty days and it will be so dark in the evening tomorrow when the clocks go back. Stay cosy. B x

  2. I think we were lucky today, we managed a lovely, sunny walk but I feel the rain may be heading our way tomorrow. I couldn't work out if you were pleased or not at the prospect of football being cancelled! :O) A fairy light festooned Bertie sounds like a wonderful idea! xx

  3. It seems to happen quite a lot these days that whenever we have rain, it's torrential and everywhere floods. I don't remember there ever being so many flooded roads and streams threatening to burst their banks. Climate change is definitely here! xx

  4. That is an impressive amount of rain! And pretty woods. Congratulations on acquiring the Philip Pullman booked, and signed! That would make some readers here very appreciative.

  5. (Oh! Gracious… did my one comment really publish x3? How did I manage that?)

  6. Loving catching up with your posts CJ. I agree about October. We are in darkness under a huge deluge here at the moment.
    So much comfort in the thought of the leaves returning to the earth and feeding the worms. Thank you.
    Jacquie x

  7. It's certainly been a wet, and fairly miserable, end to the month as shown by your pictures. xx

  8. More than a bit wistful that October and your lovely posts will come to a close. Thanks to you I've spent an inordinate amount of money having the signed Pullman book shipped to me in Massachusetts! Will be watching the post with more than scholarly attention

  9. The first photo makes Bertie look as though he is up for a swim. I think a reflective collar, at least, would be a great idea. I am considering a GPS for one of my cats since she cannot seem to come home when she is supposed to. Wonder how long that would last? I must admit that I am sad at the thought of your October posts coming to an end. I have enjoyed them enormously - though I realize they have been a drain on your time. Try to stay dry and warm in any event.