Sunday, 10 October 2021

Blogtober 2021 :: Day 10

Sundays are definitely not a day of rest around here, although I do love them. There is football and all the usual stuff to be done, and today there was a birthday which gave me pause, what with all the growing up and other poignant things.

I made this cake, which was indeed the best vegan chocolate cake, absolutely delicious. And just like that, we will be full throttle into Monday. Which is sometimes a relief after the madness of the weekend. 

The glorious weather helped no end with the football watching. No doubt it will be chilly all too soon, but for now it has just been scrumptious. 

Things on my to do list this week include find a new-to-me car I fear. Not my favourite task, but one of those jobs that has to be done. I need room for teenagers and luggage and a small dog. And all the reliability. Not too much to ask I hope. 


  1. Was it your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday!! Thanks for the chocolate cake recipe - I've bookmarked the page and will give it a whirl in a couple of weeks when L and J come to stay for a few days. Today was rather glorious weather-wise wasn't it. It makes all the difference to my general mood. Best of luck with the car hunt! xx

  2. Happy Birthday! That vegan cake looks very delicious. I bet there’s not much left with all your boys around. Glad the football watching was in the sunshine, it does make all the difference. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the car hunt. Hope you will find something reliable. B x

  3. Cake looks delicious I will give that a try. Good luck with the car hunt, not a favoured task here either, but hopefully end result will bring a smile and relief

  4. Lovely picture. Happy birthday to whoever celebrated it. Good luck with finding a new-to-you car. xx