Monday, 21 January 2019

Shallow and slack

And here it is in all its new shiny glory. I would have done one of those very attractive photos with a big mug of frothy coffee invitingly placed next to the notepad, but I think we all know how that would have ended. And being new to this coffee-drinking malarkey I only have instant which doesn't do the frothy thing. Baby steps.

The new laptop is connected to most of the important things it seems. Although I don't remember some login details, so I'm still using the old one too (two computers!), for this blog post for example. And Amazon. And other bloggy things like visiting and commenting on other blogs. So for quite a bit actually. Again, baby steps.

I am working on the new laptop which is a massive triumph in itself. I am finding it a bit cold though. The old laptop heats up beautifully, in fact at times the fan sounds a bit like Concorde taking off, and the underside is hot enough to make toast. The new one is all sleek metal efficiency and every time I touch the keyboard I wince a little. So cold! On the plus side, I can see the screen when the sun is out. Before I was reduced to putting one hand over my eyes and putting my nose up to the screen. I am all elegant sophistication now.

The littlest boy is happy to report that he is a Greater Depth Person at school. Something to do with which table you sit on I think. I should like to be a Greater Depth Person, but I fear much of the time I am hopelessly shallow.

The biggest boy has some new rollers for getting the knots out of muscles. I put my back out trying to roll up and down on one, plus it was really painful. I told him I don't have any tight muscles anyway, I am slack all over.

Bert's friend had a good tale to tell the other day. She was walking along with her person when a squirrel actually fell out of a tree and landed on her. Bert lives for the day this happens. I imagine it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and probably very memorable.

There is sad and worrying dog news locally as well. A dog was stolen the other day, very near here. The lady who did puppy training always told us never ever to tie our dogs up outside shops. Alas, someone did, thinking he would be safe, and he was taken. We gave Bert an extra squeeze when we heard.

Bert would be distraught if he was taken, as no doubt all dogs would be. He always likes everyone to be home, where he can keep an eye on them. When we are out, he waits at the window, sometimes hours past his bedtime, looking and waiting. Mine is the house with noseprints all along the windows. When he sees us, he stares and stares until he is sure it's us and then he vanishes from view to rush to the front door and gives us a big long lost greeting.

Here he is in a happy state of bliss, knowing all his people are home and he can relax.

Hope all have a good week. CJ xx


  1. Yes, keep Bertie safe any way you can. It's really unfortunate that someone would steal a dog. I don't even know why they'd want to, the dog won't know them or feel at ease with them. It seems like everyone loses. I'm glad you're enjoying your new laptop, it certainly looks nice. I've had my latest one for two years now and it's still going strong. I'd say it's my best one so far, out of the four or so I've had. I'm told it has really great speakers, but I don't feel equipped to comment on that. I like the idea of being a Greater Depth person. I wonder how they determined that. My daughter has learned that she is a kinesthetic learner, which is think is fantastic. She never stops moving, might as well get more than just exercise out of it!

  2. Congrats to getting your new laptop up and running.. the password thing is really crazy isn't it? I swear every one of mine is different. I used to use one very easy one but most sites started telling me it wasn't secure enough.. now it's a crap shoot, I think I have 50 different ones. But I do keep a list of them.. if it's correct. :-) Your Bertie makes me want a new dog very badly.. I miss our Buddy so much. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I have a secret document on my computer where I keep all my passwords. Over the years it's become several pages long! Well done on the new computer and I'm sure you're going to grow to love it.
    In our neighbourhood, dogs get poisoned in their own yard so burglars can have access unhindered. We used to let our dogs roam outside at night, but now we're locking them indoors with us. Bad, bad South Africa!
    Still, sad to hear that a dog was kidnapped and I hope the owners find it. I would absolutely pay a ransom for a dog!

  4. Oh god how utterly awful to have a dog stolen. Poppy is envying the squirrel experience. She was running with me yesterday and also watching a squirrel cross the lane by way of a phone wire. It ran right over her head and she paused, just in case it lost its footing. I told her it would never happen but clearly I was wrong. Bravo on mastering (sort of) the new laptop xx

  5. Good post and pictures. I'm sure that you'll soon get used to the new laptop. It's so sad when a dog gets taken like that. Lovely picture of Bertie. xx

  6. We once went to an estate with a kitchen garden where dogs were banned. The sign at the gate said park your dog here. You were meant to tie them to a hook thingy We said no way. Not only was there a risk of being stolen, or someone hurting Tivs but she could have bitten someone of she was frightened by them and even if all those things didn’t happen, she would have made it known to everyone within several miles that she had ben abandoned.

    I hope your new laptop is behaving better then my sister’s which is playing up something chronic.

  7. It always worries me when I see dogs tied up outside shops. I can't begin to imagine how heart-breaking it would be to have a pet taken. Give Bertie an extra squeeze from me too, and I wish him many squirrel dropping moments! xx

  8. Ah such a sweet doggo cuddle!

    I laughed at your description of foam rolling. I do like it, but it took me a while (and a few youtube videos) to get comfortable with. I have friends that can spend an hour on it. Crazy pants.

  9. Don't give up hope about that squirrel, Bert. My cat sits at the base of a tree looking up at the squirrel that is hanging upside down chittering at her, and you can see her wondering how long it would take her to climb up and grab that lousy, noisy rat! When I was growing up our dog knew exactly when my parents were due home from work, and she would start looking out of the window about 5 minutes before time, watching for them - smart, very smart!

  10. Glad your old computer is acting as central heating as well as blogging. Never to be sniffed at :)
    What a horrible person to take a dog. Hope he bit their fingers and escaped home safely. Lovely to see Bertie look so content. B x

  11. I daren't get a new computer, or phone despite the very obvious shortcomings of both. I discovered through a siet called that I have had all my passwords and email address sitting smiling and waving at Bad people on the Dark Web. So I went to a lot of trouble to change an email password and now the emails won't let me send. So then I started a new email account and am in the process of telling all the good peeople where I am. I may not live long enough.
    My friend has just found a lost dog and is bending over backwards to reunite it with its owners but despite the chip, no one has come forward.

  12. What a lovely post, ahhhh poor stolen dogs, I can imagine their fear and terror at being parted from their pack. You had me smiling and sobbing

  13. Jack would be absolutely beside himself if a squirrel fell on his head. He loses all common sense when he spots one (if dogs have common sense that is). I have a roller for my plantar fasciitis. It is an instrument of torture but effective. I would quite like to be a person of depth but I paddle firmly on the shallow side.... Wishing you many happy years with your new shiny laptop. On that note, I use a password manager, it is pure magic. It tells me I have 162 passwords (of which I remember exactly two) xx

  14. I love all your snippets of news - except about the poor dog and its family:( Hold Bertie tight x

  15. Hello CJ
    I have mentioned you on my blog - please let me know if you are not happy about this.
    Susan (SpinningStreak)
    PS Couldn't find any other way to contact you - almost certainly my fault!

  16. I think Emma would have a heart attack if a squirrel actually fell out of a tree on top of her. What manner of sorcery is that?!?

    Speaking of Emma, we would have nothing to fear if she was stolen (providing the aspiring thief could get near enough to snatch her -- her charming cuteness is a clever disguise) as she would be returned almost immediately, I'm positive. Still, very, very worrisome for people with pleasantly-temperamented dogs :(

    Fab takes a bit of getting used to, doesn't it? I bet you're feeling very professional about it all though. xo

  17. I think Hector would be petrified if a squirrel fell out of a tree on him! How awful that someone would take a dog. Have a good week x

  18. So sad that people steal dogs. If they understood them at all they would never take them from their families, gosh humans stick! My boys would be thrilled to death if a squirrel fell on them, I mean they actually might die from the fright or excitement of it all. I a writing on my ginormous desk top computer that my oldest son thinks should be in a museum. Good luck with your sleek new one.