Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beside the stream

We are lucky to have lots of streams criss-crossing the town where we live.  The local authority has made a feature of streamside walks, and we take every opportunity to wander along them to see whatever wildlife is around and to enjoy being away from the road.  It's a small town, and by the stream it feels quite rural and peaceful.

Today on the way to football training we could clearly see spring around us.  Acid green leaves, wriggling tadpoles and new buds and shoots everywhere.

We all managed to walk along the stepping stones without falling in - just as well as the water either side is several feet deep.  Children were looking in the pond for swimming things, and we watched a couple release some tadpoles that had appeared in a waterlogged plant pot in their garden.  The bird life along here is amazing, I've even seen a kingfisher further along the stream.

When I spotted some bluebells and cow parsley I couldn't resist bringing a few home. 

It seems so long since there were flowers in the house.  These have a wild exuberant quality to them which I love.   I put them in a little Caithness glass vase which seemed just right .

Beautiful, delicate nature.  Love it.


  1. A lovely post - as you say, everywhere is 'greening up' - great! We've got tadpoles in our little pond - I love watching them grow. Cow parsley and bluebells are the essence of the country aren't they - really pretty. Have a good Sunday. Abby x

  2. Beautiful, and how lovely to have such streams so close, Emma x

  3. Lucky you to have streamside walks like that on your doorstep, and even more so when you get to see a kingfisher.
    The flowers in that vase look lovely. Flighty xx

  4. That looks gorgeous! You're so lucky!

  5. Oh so pretty! I've yet to see the bluebells - maybe this weekend i will go and explore. LOu x