Sunday, 14 April 2013

Being challenged

It's a long time since I had a day to myself.  A very long time.  And even longer since I had two whole days to myself.  But this weekend I did, and what a huge treat it was.  I went on a fantastic photography course deep in the Wiltshire countryside and it was honestly amazing.  The course was for beginners and was mainly theory, so I didn't actually take many pictures.  It was hours and hours of learning the basics - how to use the various settings on the camera and how they all interact with each other.  It sounds hard work, but it was really enjoyable to switch off from everything else and just focus on something that I love.  It was incredibly inspirational to meet like minded people and to be taught by a real expert with years of experience.  As a time out from every day life it was very welcome.  Normally weekends are busy, busy, busy, with football training, football matches, parties and various outings with the children.  So to step out of my life for a little while really gave me some perspective on things.  It reminded me that there is a whole world out there, filled with interest and opportunities.  And it filled me with renewed enthusiasm for photography.  Now I just need to find some time to practice before I forget it all...

The above isn't the best photo ever, but it made me so happy to see a big fat fluffy bee.  You can see how heavy he is by the way the flower is being pulled down.

All in all a great weekend, although I have had to swear to the littlest boy that I will never leave home again and that I will stay with him for ever.  He does like to have me at his beck and call.

Tomorrow is set to be a day of housework, supermarket, school runs and normality.  The trick will be to hold on to a little of the magic and try and keep this positive feeling of creative energy alive.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Those occasional breaks of longer than a few hours are so precious - and I appreciate my family so much more when I do get back from them!

    1. You're right, it definitely makes me a better person!

  2. It sounds like you really enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing the theory put into practise with lots of terrific pictures. xx

  3. Your pictures are beautiful and show the other side of nature I love so much - that little hidden world.

    Nina x