Friday 13 September 2019

The magic bean

I've grown a motley assortment of tomatoes this year, including some almost black ones called Indigo Rose. There are loads of them, so they've done well outside, which lots of varieties don't around here, but they're all, well, almost black. It's slightly offputting, and apart from anything else I can't really tell when they're ripe. They do seem to go slightly pink underneath and inside when they're ready. I'm not sure I'd grow them again though, they're not something you can easily slide past the children. I've also got some Artisan Pinks and some green stripey variety that I can't remember the name of. I think I must have been having a moment when I did my tomato choosing this year.

The littlest boy is setting in to big school, although he has apparently got lost quite a few times. His brothers have seen him wandering around miles from where he is supposed to be. I have restrained myself from yelling MY POOR BABY IS NO-ONE LOOKING AFTER HIM??? but of course you know that I am thinking it inside.

Last weekend marked the transition from football to cricket. The last cricket match was on Saturday, and it was pretty chilly. Football started on Sunday and it was so deliciously warm that I went and stood in the shade at one point. Long may it last.

I have failed in both my news diet and my food diet. Well, the food diet never got started to be fair. I was undone by a tray of the most amazing cherry and dark chocolate flapjack. It was honestly all I could think about all day until it was gone. I have sworn never to make it again, it was shockingly good, but oh, the lack of willpower. I also started listening to the news again, but only in short bursts. Just the headlines, which are frankly more than enough.

I served a lightly steamed caterpillar by mistake the other evening. It was very traumatic, especially for the littlest boy who was the one who had it on his plate. It's enough to put one off broccoli for life.

My white wisteria grew a bean this year, which I've never seen before.

I'm wondering what I'll get if I plant it. Maybe some exotic new pink and white striped variety. Who knows. Right now it is hanging in the sun ripening. I suspect it will probably only have one bean in it, as the pod doesn't look very full up at the top. I'll definitely try and grow it when it's done. Perhaps I'll get a magic beanstalk.

Well, a random assortment of not-really-news today, but it's that time of year here. Back to normality, and a check-in with writing goals and that sort of thing. There's been some decluttering and some organising and some new regimes, and of course some anxiety, and I'm about to press my nose to the grindstone, any minute now. Hope all is well with you and that September is treating you kindly. CJ xx


  1. Lovely post and pictures. I have to say that having grown various tomatoes I'm going to stay with the varieties, both red and yellow, that I like in future. xx

  2. I've grown my share of frightening tomatoes and agree - if you can't tell when it's ripe, or if you can't tell when you cut it open if it's supposed to look like it's rotting from the inside out, don't grow that variety. There is a limit to 'interesting' varieties. Here in Wisconsin USA it's been a weird summer and no one's garden has done well. I have picked 5 zucchini - 5! The fact that no one is begging anyone else to take excess summer squash is the best indication that something awful happened to home gardens this year.

  3. It looks to me like your garden is producing well.. I wondered if the black things were plums.. :-) Poor young man to be in a new big school and have trouble finding your classroom.. hopefully his brothers helped him. I'd have loved to see a photo of the cherry and chocolate flapjack! Sounds delish! Have a wonderful weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Good luck with the bean! Tomatoes haven’t done as well for me this year, I blame the wet June. I’m impressed with your bumper crop although I’m not sure about black tomatoes. Glad your youngest has settled in. I fully appreciate your inner angst, sadly it never goes away:(. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  5. I rather like the idea of black tomatoes, they do look pretty. If only Glasgow was not so miserably unsuitable for tomato cultivation! We can only get them to ripen in the front porch, which is a bit like a greenhouse. Only problem is that the porch is full of assorted shoes and other random bits and pieces.

    What a shame, getting lost at big school. I hope it is not too traumatic for your littlest one on the whole. The caterpillar experience made me laugh. I imagine there was a great deal of barely suppressed giggling from the lucky two that didn't get meaty broccoli.... Oh to be a fly in your house! Hope the weekend is good to you. xx

  6. Those black tomatoes are certainly a bit different, though as you say difficult to know when they are ripe. Insect eating is a thing now apparently, so good to be right up there on trend.

  7. It is so hard when the littlest ones go to bigger school. It just seems so enormous for them but soon they adjust and it will seem like he was always there. I have to say I am with the little guy, I am put off broccoli and have never had a steamed caterpillar in mine!

  8. I've grown some scary toms in the past, I'm back to the normal varieties now. Ahhhh, bless littlest boy getting lost, I'm sure his brothers sorted him out.I'm laughing at the lightly steamed caterpillar and that bean!xxx

  9. I remember getting lost on my first day at big school. I arrived in my first class way after everyone else. I still remember it vividly. Strangely the building shrank as I got older.