Sunday 23 June 2019

The right direction

It's been a peaceful weekend here. The littlest boy was off camping. Apparently they had wristbands to make sure they didn't have too many dinners. I am considering implementing the same system here.

On Saturday afternoon everyone was out except me, even the dog. Oh it was blissful. What to do first? I ended up pottering in the garden. A rare moment of peace is a very lovely thing. Wouldn't want them all gone for too long, but a couple of hours of quiet pootling is a very fine thing.

There are flowers and fruit and salad leaves and it's all so green out there. This is my favourite time of year I think. Everything is so fresh and new and heavy and lush.

I've been enjoying everyone's front gardens around here. There are some really pretty ones, and lots of inspiring ideas. Plenty of plants and trees I can't identify, but I'm learning gradually. It's been good to see lots of grass that hasn't been cut and that is full of flowers. More than ever before I think, so I'm guessing that they are being left for the pollinators and other wildlife, which is good.

Another good thing I've been noticing - the spread of veganism. I was vegan for 25 years and it really wasn't common at all back then. Now, there are so many fantastic recipe books, and lots of discussion of the health benefits and benefits to the planet and animals. I'm gently steering us in a more plant-based direction.

I spent the evening of the summer solstice at the cricket club. It's such a lovely place to be, which is just as well as we seem to spend quite a lot of time there.

Just three or four weeks of school left I think. I shall be powering into the work until then, and hopefully easing off over the break. Well, that's the grand plan, but we'll see how it goes. Until then I shall be enjoying these early days of summer, walking round the neighbourhood with the dog and peering into gardens. Simple pleasures.


  1. Simple pleasures are the best.
    Enjoy this lovely time of year.
    I was just sitting outside enjoying the peace and beauty myself. : )

  2. I can remember when my girls were small and R would occasionally suggest that I go out somewhere for a break. He didn't understand that what I really wanted was time alone at home. Of course, on the rare occasion that I achieved that, it was bliss for an hour or so and then I missed them all horribly! The spread of veganism makes eating out so much easier; I can't imagine what it must have been like before plant based eating became popular. Have your family noticed your gentle steering yet?! Beautiful photos, as always. Have a wonderful week. xx

  3. Simple pleasures are usually the best. Not everything has to have a label and a high price tag to make you feel better. Just having five minutes to yourself to pootle around the garden or to get out for a walk is sometimes all we need.


  4. We eat more plant based meals than we ever did but haven't gone vegan or even vegetarian although we don't eat red meat. I looked up names for diets and the nearest I came up with was pollotarian

  5. Lovely post and pictures. Quiet pootling sounds good to me. Simple pleasures are often the best ones to enjoy. xx

  6. When my teens were toddlers, I remember pootling round the village in the afternoons with them. We'd peer at peoples gardens, enjoying the varieties and creative ideas. Until my eldest said in a loud voice that a particular garden was a mess. Then we sped up a bit, out of the mouths of shocking kids, oops! Cx

  7. We have been done with school for four weeks already. Time is flying by. Enjoy your peace while you have it, even an hour or two helps.

  8. Lots of ultra runners are vegans, which debunks the myth that eating a plant based diet doesn't give you enough energy/ protein/ nutrients. We eat more plant based these days. I am happier for it. Everywhere is very lush at the moment isn't it? Rain and not much heat to dry the land out. Bertie is looking well xx

  9. Peering into other people's gardens is always fascinating! Glad you managed a couple of hours of peace.

  10. Amen to the simple pleasures!

  11. Dear CJ, what beautiful floral photos, and also how lovely is Bertie? That last photo of flowers is divine. Is that a hydrangea?
    I always enjoy time out for myself and I can imagine how enjoyable are those moments for a busy mum with those boys.
    I've not considered eating vegan, however we have been eating less and less meat products. My husband is a coeliac and so we have to be very careful with his diet as one crumb from my bread left in the butter is enough to make him violently ill for up to 8 hours. It was very difficult to get used to it, but now there are rarely any problems. When we travel we have to be very well prepared and do lots of research into where we can eat. It takes a lot of preparation beforehand.
    I can never get used to the British system of schooling where your largest holiday is mid year, but in Australia, we have our longest school holidays over Christmas. That is the hottest part of the year too.
    In some ways I would love a dog which I would have to walk every day. However, you can't travel and have a dog. Too expensive, having to have them minded.
    I do a lot of walking to try and keep fit. I have walked twice today. An hour this morning with the Heart Foundation and then another hour this afternoon with a good friend. It helps look after my heart.
    Looking forward to your next blog entry. Regards, Robyn