Monday 9 October 2017

Odds and sods

A random collection of photos today, from inside the Above the River casa. The dog is getting damp on these dewy mornings. He comes in and curls himself into a ball, the better to dry himself.

On Saturday the littlest boy and I took him up onto the common to get the wind in our tails. Bertie found the most putrid puddle of what looked like cow slurry, although suspiciously there were no cows anywhere around. Oh how he loved it. He paddled, he galloped through, and best of all he drank some. Honestly, it was dog heaven. The littlest boy and I danced round the outside trying to head him away from it. It just made him run backwards and forwards through it more. The nearby golfers stopped playing for a while to laugh at us. I was yelling things like, 'YOU FOUL BEAST'  as I went, adding greatly to their entertainment. The littlest boy declined to have him sat anywhere near him on the way home. He was plunged into a bath with very little ceremony and soaped up with some natural, lightly scented froth of a dog wash. To be honest I could still detect cow for a while afterwards, but it was a great improvement.

Have a look at this chap.

Three legs, but still going strong. After I took this he flew up and off into the sunny blue sky, it was like something out of a movie. All we needed was a crescendo of violins.

I've been enjoying local dog walking, as well as the whole slurry on the common thing. I've been inducted into a whole new community of people and dogs that I only ever viewed from outside before. Almost everyone stops for a chat when we're throwing a ball and having a gallop round. We know all the dogs by name and I chat to neighbours I'd only ever nodded at before. I meet friends at odd times of the day and spend a happy half hour catching up while the dogs wear each other out. It's been a pleasant surprise. It makes up for not seeing people on the school run; now I have the dog I am reduced to standing outside of the school looking sadly in through the railings.

I am trying a little bullet journalling at the moment. Anyone done this? It's all part of the quest to be more productive and use my time wisely. And you know how I like jotting things down in a notebook. If there wasn't a notebook involved I probably wouldn't be that interested to be honest. But give me a pen and paper and I'm happy. Can't be without one in fact. I have a small one in my bag at all times, just in case. In fact I have quite a lot of things in my bag just in case. I emptied it the other day and found, amongst other things, four lipsalves (lipsalve addiction), three pens, two allen keys (scooting children), a stick, fifty biodegradable poop bags and a chunk of dried sausage. Prepared for every eventuality. Except maybe dog paddling in slurry. I'm not sure I'll ever be prepared for that.


  1. It sounds like dog-ownership really suits you, slurry aside. I love your description of the things in your bag. I recently switched bags for a few days and was really amazed at what I found in the one I was going to stop using. I think I was most surprised about the number of gum wrappers. I guess I'd been throwing them back in the bag whenever I took a piece out. There were gum wrappers in my hairbrush. I think I must have used the brush that way because I remember it feeling very slippery on my head! :)

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  2. Seems like you have your work cut out with Bertie.

  3. What a funny post! I am assuming the common is something like a dog park? We have those, a fenced in place where the dogs can run wild and play. My daughter lives in an apartment in the heart of the city, and walks her dog and takes him to a park for exercise. She has met so many people through Squall. A lady was very friendly even when Squall listed his leg and peed on her. Dog lovers unite!!

    I've heard of bullet journaling, but fill in my terrible memory. I have been doing the Three Pages a Day, but sporadically. Poor excuses. Blah, blah, blah.

    Sending a hug,

    Jane x

  4. Why do dogs love things like that? We once knew a dog who, in default of a stick, would chew on - I don't know how to write it politely - let's just say a piece of dried and brownish something she herself had deposited on the grass some time before. Ugh.

    Never heard of bullet journalling, but I do carry a pen and small notebook in my purse for jotting down ideas or occasional notes to myself. It's a nifty Piccadilly notebook with an elastic band to hold it closed, AND a ribbon bookmark. On the rare occasions we take a vacation I use it as a diary. It's fun to open it up and read about trips we took years ago. (The current notebook was given to me in 2009 - needless to say these notebooks last me a Very Long Time. I'm frugal with paper.)

    What lovely shades of brown in your photos!

    I hope you're all doing well. :)

  5. Chatting to other dog owners is great - wonderful community spirit! Dogs are foul really, aren't they? I hope Bertie smells nice once more. We make our own dog shampoo: 50% white vinegar/50% dishwasher liquid. It works, is cheap and appears to be good for the pooch's skin. xx

  6. You write so beautifully - your post today made me smile. I don't think we are ever prepared for what our dogs do :-) xx

  7. Ah yes, favoured revolting puddles. A familiar tale here too. On Sunday, after a walk, we settled in a pub garden for some lunch. I went to look for a bowl of dog water but M and t and p found a swingball set with puddles of water collected in the base. It was filled with leaves and oak twigs, dead insects and mud. It was their drink of choice. If you dyed Bertie pink you wouldn't see him on his bed. xx

  8. A most enjoyable post and good pictures. I have to say that I found my nose twitching at the mention of slurry, and I don't blame the littlest boy for not wanting to sit near Bertie. xx

  9. 'Head and Shoulders' is fabulous for dogs!

  10. Ah yes, the dog owner community is very tight. I'm glad you're enjoying the canine ambulation duties. hehe. Let us know how the bullet notebooking goes. :)

  11. I am looking forward to all this dog socialisation! We could never do it with Molly, since she wanted to attack and kill every other dog we passed, it didn't exactly make for friendly chat scenarios. But I sense Ziggy will be different. Dog walking commences tomorrow! But hopefully not in cow slurry... X

  12. ah, the Puddle Moste Foule! Emma is rather fond of rolling in raccoon droppings....they carry a scent which defies most dog shampoos...i resort to a hydrogen peroxide rinse (usually reserved for skunk encounters). I must say, i do so love Bertie's curly hair! I used to pay lots of money for that look in the 80's. :)

    I also remember fondly the days of having a dog which got along with other dogs and so encouraged social encounters with other humans. I remember an impromptu Dog Group which would collect by unspoken agreement in the mornings at a certain park. It was quite lovely. We could chat, the dogs tore around and everyone went home tired and happy. Really quite lovely.

    Never tried bullet journaling...although have often considered it. I like the fact you can just transfer the undone things on your list to the next list....I imagine it would help ease the sense of failure to live up to my own expectations. ;) xo

  13. That curly pile of fur couldn't possibly ever be naughty, could he? Our Cairn Terrier likes to dig for moles and kill snakes but happily has never rolled in anything like soupy cow manure, thank goodness! I number my lists and then cross them off happily when I accomplish things.. probably not what you're talking about, though. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Wow, you really make me see details I never would have paid attention to!

  15. Why do dogs love stinky things so much. Hector gets hosed down in the garden... I don't think I could face trying to get him in the bath. And yes, I understand the lure of a good notebook and I also always have one in my bag just in case. Just in case of what I'm not sure but you never know!

  16. Hey CJ,
    Bulllet journaling. I'm intrigued. Could this be my thing for winter? When Honey was a puppy, she'd find all sorts of foul puddles. She really enjoyed fox and badger poop, and would happily roll in it for as long as she could get away with it. Of course she's rewritten her past, and looks on in disgust as my sister in law's puppy does the same.
    Leanne xx

  17. Welcome to the Dog owners hazards of Autumn and Winter! Tavi has had 3 baths this week! Glad walking with Bertie is making new friends and meeting more neighbours. Sarah x

  18. Bertie is definitely keeping you on your toes!

  19. Your dog has a fabulous life.


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