Tuesday 17 October 2017

Dog, tired


The little brown dog is tired tonight. A full weekend with boys and outdoor adventuring has taken it out of him. We took him out to a dog-friendly pub to eat with us yesterday. Well, we were eating, he was supposed to be sitting nicely under the table. He didn't do badly; I had visions of him leaping onto tables sending plates flying, but he managed not to cause any catastrophe. That's my main objective most days to be honest. No catastrophes. Maybe I should aim higher.


Well, that's as far as I got with this post on Sunday. Yesterday I thought of things to write. Today they have evaporated into the ether. I must write things down when they occur to me. If you blog, do you plan things, or just turn up and write? I'm more of a turn up and write person, but it would help if I could remember things.

I had a conversation with the littlest boy after school yesterday.

Him: Our teacher was off today.

Me: Is he ill?

Him: Tummy bug.

Me: Poor him, that's no fun. Make sure there's lot of hygiene mind, if there are bugs going round. Lots of hand washing.

Him: There are no bugs going round. He ate too many sweets at the school disco, that's what I think.

Poor man. By age 9 the children are starting to get a little chopsy I think.


  1. I tend to do a mix of both some preplanned and others written on the hoof.

    The lack of dog friendliness in some places does frustrate. Often two identical places one dog friendly and the other explains what a lot of problems a dog would cause. Even a small week-behaved dog that you wouldn’t know was even there.

    One place suggested it was because other people’s enjoyment would be spoiled. I replied having unruly children running around screaming and running through flower beds spoiled my enjoyment but I didn’t expect them to ban all children.

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  2. Nice post and pictures, I like the ones of Bertie.
    Regarding blog posts I generally think about the next one I'll be doing and write a rough draft a day or so beforehand. xx

  3. I mostly sit down and write as I go along but I do delete quite a few drafts. I like to write about what I am making so it is maybe a little structured. I have a book post brewing in my head but otherwise I am a bit directionless just now.

    I remember our family dog doing a poo under the table in a posh fish restaurant when I was very little. The story goes that I then shouted at the top of my voice "mummy I need a piss" (apologies for the language) although I can't remember that. I am not sure why my parents thought it was a good idea to take a toddler AND a dog to a posh restaurant. Mind you, we take four kids and a dog, but never to posh places, we are too poor for that, or maybe wise.

    I hate the school disco tuck shop with a vengeance, my younger ones always come home with a really upset tummy even if I only give them 20 pence. Chopsy is a new word for me, had to look it up. Will add it to my own vocabulary, looking out for an opportunity to use it. xx

  4. My blog posts usually are a response to what kinds of photos I've taken recently. Holidays and season changes give me "blog fodder". I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of blogger. I love your blog for your sense of humor.. AND the dog photos and stories. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I think "chopsy" is sassy? If so, then yes. I agree.
    Love the dog in action photos. Ears spread, legs mid-flight. Those are some fun photos, CJ! By the way I think I should post that objective around the office and house, "main objective: no catastrophes"

    1. Yes, cheeky, answering back, that sort of thing. All of the conversation that comes out of my children basically. CJ xx

  6. We usually get worn out long before Tavi does! I use my pictures as inspiration for blog posts and have at least one planned in my head. With lack of time these days it doesn't always go according to plan! I always enjoy those conversations with your children, that you share with us. Sarah x

  7. Hey CJ,
    Yes boys can get very chopsy at times! I love the light in your pictures. Golden. Honey once snatched a pasty out of someone's hand. I was mortified. She didn't seem bothered.
    Like you, I just turn up and write. I should try and turn up more often, but life does keep getting in the way.
    Leanne xx

  8. Love your doggy photos and conversations with your boys. 'Chopsy'? - I like that. It must be a west country word! I mostly start my blog posts with the photos then add the words.

  9. I so love your dog Bertie, he’s beautiful. Your teacher discussion with youngest made me giggle. I always like to know what goes through children’s heads about their teacher, usually hysterical :) As for blogging a bit of both. Sometimes planned but often something strikes me on the day, always hoping for a different post. Yours are always well worth reading. B x

  10. I love your expressions: Chopsy? Not sure what it means, but I love it. Do we Americans confuse you ever with the way we word things?

    Your pup gets cuter by the day! How nice that he can be off leash. Milo is fine unless he sees another dog-then he takes off. Layla will chase anything that moves, so she must be on a leash or tethered.

    I get writing ideas and topics all times of the day. On my cell, I keep my thoughts under the Notes icon. This helps me immensely. Give it a shot.

    Jane x

  11. I'm asit down at the blank screen girl...then ponder usually until hopefully something half decent comes to mind. I lurve that cute little dog of yours. x

  12. If the school discos that were held at my son's primary school are anything to go by, the teacher will have a sore head not tummy! The staff used to have a stash of beers and wine for the parents (and staff!) to tempt them to stay. (Worked for me!) My inspiration for writing can come from anywhere - sometimes a photo, more usually thoughts going round my head or something I've agreed to review, places I've been, etc. I have so many drafts in my list of posts which goes to show how an exciting thought just doesn't develop (or I get too busy to write). Love the pics of your little dog, what a happy life he has with your family! xx

  13. Pictures first, words second. No plans, precious little editing, no timetable. Ten years of aiming low!
    Your dog could win 'Hunted' he's so easy to camouflage.

  14. Lots of ideas for posts - the best ideas always hit when I'm in the middle of something else - but little time to sit down and write them. I wish I could blog by telepathy.

    Brown dog is a handsome little chap! Glad to hear he behaved (more or less) at the pub.

    Are those rose hips? And what are the lovely feathery things?

  15. I do that all the time... plan blog posts in my head, think of all the witty things I will write and then when it comes to it I go blank. I used to try to jot down ideas but I've found that unless I act on them pretty quickly the enthusiasm wanes or they don't seem relevant. No catastrophes... that seems a pretty good way of getting through the day. No catastrophes and no tummy bugs!

  16. I usually know when something's waiting to be written, I don't plan posts. Bertie is growing! Grinned at the poorly teacher conversation :o) xx

  17. I don't plan posts, other than the Monday vases but I don't do them every week and usually just write about what I've picked. The mood has to take me – sometimes it's photos, other times it's something in my head that needs to get out. Bertie looks such a bundle of energy :-) I imagine he's very cuddly. Chopsy is a new word for me - fabulous. Thanks. Sam x

  18. I like the word chopsy. Blog-wise, it is a bit of a mix. Some days I just show up, sometimes I have a good idea and hang onto it. Lost count of the brilliant ideas I have between the hours of 3 and 5 of the morning which have vanished without trace by the time I get up. Honestly, I could have made my fortune with them.

  19. Interesting to think about blog posts - and I really had to think about it!!
    I don't plan as such, but my camera is in charge. Whatever photos are on my camera dictate what I'll be sharing and writing about. Sometimes I'm photographing very deliberately (like this week I've been documenting progress on my Autumn garland which I'll blog about next week). other times it's just whatever catches my eye and gets snapped in the moment. I do so love the way you write xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. I am not a blog planner, I usually go with the flow and write about what pops into my head, and of course what pops off my camera. Love the conversation with the littlest boy, who is not so little anymore.

  21. I just read The Dry - what a fantastic read - I would not have come across the book if I had not read your blog=so thank you. Also, such an inspirational story of the author being so successful with her first book.

  22. Chopsy! Great word, I've not come across that before. Please write a novel. I have a feeling it would be both funny and successful.

    My blog posts are usually dictated by whatever crafting I've been doing, and how many photos are on my camera. But I always intend to blog much more frequently than I actually do. There's never enough time.... X

  23. Hi CJ, when it comes to the blog, I generally brainstorm half a dozen titles, and a line about the topic, then I just write them as I go...but I do know what you mean about not writing stuff down, and then forgetting it.

    Do you ever look back on your blog and think...oh yea, I remember that? It's what I love about blogging, it's making a record, and creating memories for me.