Sunday 10 September 2017

A little light yarn bombing

Discovered this yarn bombing in deepest Pembrokeshire while looking for a chippy, you know how it is. I managed to snap a few quick pictures before I had to run to keep up. I always seem to be taking really quick photos then hurrying along, trying not to get left behind.

The hare is particularly lovely isn't he. And the Queen's Guards, I like them a lot. We have a saying in this house when someone's in our way which comes from a silly little video of a hapless tourist getting in the way of the real Queen's Guards. He's milling around outside Buckingham Palace as the Guards approach. His wife says to him, "They're coming through Derek, mind. Mind. MIND." Derek doesn't grasp it at all and barely moves. The Queen's Guards come marching through him and he goes flying. When we first discovered it the boys re-enacted it quite a bit in the living room until some people were on the floor in pain. So now we just try to do the words. "Coming through Derek, MIND," whenever we need to get past each other.

September is truly here. It's been a weekend of mud and showers. On Saturday the middle boy actually lost a trainer in thick mud. He went to a fishing competition and was trying to get some water out of the lake apparently. The mud sucked his trainer off and by the time he got someone to help him the mud had closed over the trainer and it was lost forever.

Today was all football boots and wellies and the dog galloping through wet grass until he looked like a drowned rat. I took him for a final walk as the sun set. It was lovely to get out for a moment's peace and quiet and feel the wind blowing in my hair. Although to be fair it had been blowing in my hair most of the day, but combined with the peace and quiet it felt different somehow. Lights were coming on in people's houses and it all looked cosy and Sundayish. Bertie had a gallop with a friend and has been a nice puppy ever since. As opposed to earlier when he was less nice and stealing the washing, chewing the house and generally moving from one naughty thing to the next.

When I got home the other half was on the phone. Some lovely person had found the middle boy's missing trainer from deep in the mud and it will be returned to us. A result no? I rescued the other one from the bin and crossed New Trainers off the to-do list. Happy.


  1. Yay for not having to buy new shoes! The yarn bombing is awesome, I've never seen it done so neatly or attractively. I especially love the rabbit. I hope the mud doesn't take over your life. :)

  2. Love the yarn bombing and catching up on all your great posts CJ. You always write amusingly and I think you would write a great novel. I googled the guard video :0)
    Puppy is adorable. Glad you got the trainer back.
    I seem to be writing in text speak these days!
    Jacquie x

  3. I hope that the muddy trainer can be rescued. I bet that the middle boy is dlsappointed not to be getting new trainers. The hare is clever.

  4. Oh, Claire, your days are so filled with many ups and downs but always interesting. Not sure what trainers are, I thought it was a reference to a real person, as we have trainers (people) here to help us with exercise motivation and training at gyms and such.

    I get the idea that maybe your little furry babe is getting to your heart. Yes, they do a lot of naughty and frustrating things while young, but you push through and believe it or not-they somehow learn to chew only on their own toys and they lose that crazy bad behavior and acting like total beasts. They become your friend. Truly. My Milo and Layla are getting so old. I simply don't know what I'll do without their company and love. I can never replace them.

    We are watching and praying for our fellow Americans in Florida as the hurricanes wreak havoc. Although we are miles north, my husband has family in the area where the hurricane will reach in a few hours. Mother Nature is rearing her ugly head here in the US.

    All the best. Have a good week, my friend.


  5. I love your Derek saying. We have a similar one here: doing a grandma Vera, which means hovering in a doorway getting in the way. Love all the knitting. Stroke of luck with the trainer and the tired-out puppy. Have a good week my friend xx

  6. I Googled the Derek clip - hilarious, they didn't hesitate at all did they?! Love the yarn bombing and I'm so glad that the trainer has been rescued - good luck getting it clean! xx

  7. Well that's a result not having to buy new trainers. Love the Derek story and the way that things like that become part of family traditions. We have one in our family if we're asking how things are going... "How's the work?" And the answer is "quack". A children's book called Farmer Duck I believe, at least 20 years since it was read but the boys still all say it. The yarn bombing is fabulous, especially the guardsmen bollards. I have an urge to yarn bomb something!

  8. The yarn bombing is fabulous. I'm often getting left behind when taking photographs.
    I hope the trainer can be rescued successfully. There is an awful lot of mud around here at moment too. Much welly wearing required. X

  9. Seeing yarn bombing like this always makes me smile, as does Bertie's antics. Good to see that the lost trainer has been rescued. Have a good week. xx

  10. Great yarn bombing (we get some great examples near here along Saltburn pier). Good to hear the adventure of the lost trainer ended happily. Wishing you a week with less mud.

  11. Fantastic Yarn Bombing. I love the Queen's guards. Too cute. I should see if I can find a pattern I can turn into a little door guard for my friend.

  12. I love the way you write : ) When you publish a book I'm buying one!

  13. I love your family tales! And it restores faith in humankind to think someone would rescue a muddied trainer and return it to its owner!

  14. Hey CJ,
    There was some lovely yarn bombing opposite The Tobacco Factory in Bedminster this summer. We love shouting "Fenton! Fenton!" at random intervals. If that makes no sense, please google the bale and watch the video. It is exquisite. Also for your own pleasure, school prefect on YouTube made me giggle no end yesterday!
    Leanne xx

    1. Oh and how nice that the trainer will be returned. It's dog leads here; they are always falling out of my pockets. Luckily dog owners are lovely, and the ones round here know that any left lying around must belong to me. We haven't gone back for the one I left wrapped around a tree this weekend though....

  15. i love that yarn more ways than i can articulate!

    and joy to the found shoe!

    don't you love family in-jokes? we have all kinds of sayings that are hilarious only to us and once explained seem a bit strange. our latest was acquired when we were on holiday "I'm just going to catch a muskie real quick" -- which makes absolutely ZERO sense to anyone but us. And possibly the people we're mocking, if only they knew we were mocking them. ;)