Thursday 6 June 2024

An apricot rose


The new rose is here. You will see I went with apricot in the end. I have a little space at the end of the garden, so a pink one hasn't been ruled out... 

You will be happy to hear that the rat situation has calmed down. I think the baby rats hadn't learned to make themselves scarce yet. Now they have and we are back to not seeing each other, which we are both quite happy with. 

The garden is still full of birds, particularly starlings and sparrows. There must be almost a hundred starlings in the little local group now and the chicks have improved their flying skills no end. Before they could only do straight lines, so there was a lot of zigzagging about the place, landing on odd things and shuffling round to do another straight line to the next branch. 

I finally took the bench apart and painted it black. It was a bit of a messy job, or maybe that's just me.  The littlest boy said, 1) I preferred the green 2) it's really patchy and 3) you got paint all over yourself. In my defence, the paint was really thick. It has a three-year guarantee for outside I believe, and took around six showers to remove. I tackled the patchy green bits so that from a distance it doesn't look too bad. 

You can sit there now and enjoy the smell of the rose and look for rats.

In other news, the littlest boy turned 16. He had a GCSE on his birthday. A bit unlucky as sometimes it falls in half term. So it was a low-key celebration with pizza and Delia Smith's Ultimate Carrot Cake, which is always a winner. 

It was also the dog's 7-year anniversary of being our dog. Also a fairly low-key affair, although he did eat something revolting on the evening dog walk, which is always a red letter day for him as he's quite tightly policed when out and about. The dog food website says that when he's 8 he will be a Senior Dog. 

He still gets the zoomies and does barking and joining in when the urchins do pretend fighting, so not quite senior yet. 

Exam season plods on. I am working up to some major-league decluttering once it is over. I don't like to rock the boat at present, but the second that last paper is handed in I shall be moving in in force. At least that is the plan, assuming I have time etc. It could even be followed by some major-league cleaning, although I don't want to overcommit myself at this stage.

Hope all is well at your end and that you are enjoying the summer if you're in the Northern hemisphere. CJ xx


  1. Your revamped bench looks fab - much less Kermit-like! I'm glad that the ratlets are now making themselves scarce; some things are better unseen! Happy Birthday to your youngest (Wow, 16!). That's tough having an exam on your birthday but the pizza and carrot cake sound good. I can't believe that Bertie is nearly a senior dog, it seems as though you only got him 5 minutes ago. I'm glad he got something yummy to eat on his anniversary too! :OP xx

  2. Happy seventh anniversary to Bertie. My how time flies. Absolutely love your apricot rose. I had a very similar one as a Christmas present. I’m happy about rats as long as I don’t see them. I know they are everywhere! Good job on the bench and I wish you well with the decluttering. What are boys like 😹. B x

  3. A most enjoyable post and good pictures. I like the rose. Glad to see that the rats are now out of sight and mostly out of mind. Lucky you with the birds as I rarely either hereabouts.
    All okay here thanks, and surely we're still waiting for summer to arrive. Take care. xx

  4. I have a rose the same colour and love it. Can you still call a sixteen-year-old the littlest boy?

  5. That’s a beautiful rose, is it scented?
    I have bought three roses this year and at the moment they’re doing very well in pots. I have a similar bench to yours but it’s not a comfortable seat (or maybe my bum’s too big…..) I love catching up with your news x

  6. Happy Birthday to your littlest young man. On exam day, how rotten is that?? Happy Birthday also to Bertie! Did he get a tasty treat to celebrate? Other than the revolting snack he found on the walk. Dogs! Jack ate slices of tomato today. The apricot rose is very pretty, I might "need" one myself now. I will only declutter and deep clean when the last child has moved out. I hope that doesn't make me a complete slob! Have a lovely week xx