Monday 18 April 2022

Trotting past at speed


                                                        Spot the dog... (above)

Isn't it all springlike and delicious out there at the moment? Birds busy nesting all over the shop, wall-to-wall blossom, big fat queen bumble bees, tadpoles getting chunkier by the day and green bursting out all over. I've spent most of Easter working away at the laptop, with the odd foray into the garden to sit in the sun for five minutes and drink a coffee. The dog comes and sits on the back step with me and we lean against each other and turn up our faces into the sun.

Hopefully I'll have a couple of half-days to do things with urchins this week, although it won't be terribly exciting and slightly chore-based. If  I throw in a slice of cake the youngest will come along quite happily though. 

I gave the eldest a lift somewhere the other day and, tired of his music blaring out in a wall of noise, I asked if he didn't have a motivational podcast we could listen to instead. Goodness me, he put something on that was beyond shouty, all sort of, 'Get your f*** arse up off of your m***f***ing couch and GET THE F*** OUT THERE AND DO IT.' I was totally swept up in it and shot past the turning I needed and nearly put my fist through the ceiling in a Hell Yeah. I listen to much calmer podcasts and it's clearly where I'm going wrong. I need someone yelling stuff at me, being that I fear I am fundamentally lazy. I can't remember the chap's name, I must ask the eldest. 

There is hardly any news at all here, which is a good thing, all things considered. The treasure of the normal day and all that. My heart aches for the people of Ukraine and the unending horrors. How does such evil get such power? I think about it constantly, the contrast of the beautiful spring we are having with birdsong and blossom, against the unimaginable hell. 

The littlest boy and I made a foray to the zero waste shop in Bristol the other day and saw loads of horses and carts trotting by really fast. It was quite a sight. A lot more eco-friendly than the car. No room for a pony here sadly. We did see a really nice pig at the garden centre the other day that we could have fitted in though. We are a complete sucker for animals, honestly, if it was down to us we would have everything. He is going to have a farm or a gigantic animal rescue centre or something when he is grown up and I am going to live there too and we will have all the things. Bertie will be horrified.

How is it all at your end? A good Easter I hope. CJ xx


  1. I can just see myself popping into town in one of those cart things - maybe I could tie the horse to the bicycle rack outside the library. It is indeed beautifully vernal at the moment, although I fear rain is forecast for next weekend when we have visitors. A farm or animal rescue sounds like a great plan and Bertie may come round to the idea if he can be top dog. Enjoy your motivational podcasts! xx

  2. Despite living in a village, we don't seem to get the horses walking through like we used to. I've only just realized that?! You're right about the green increasing, it really is coming through quickly now, and the Violets and Daisies are flowering in the grass too, so no doubt someone who will remain nameless will start mowing like a woman possessed! We've had a couple of bird kills over the weekend, but at least they were got by Sparrow-Hawks and not some numpty cat!

  3. We have a couple of pony and traps in our village and they fly through as fast as the cars! My youngest has a way with animals - they seem drawn to him and have always done so. He had schemes and plans for farms and pets as far as your eye could see ... he is 21 now, just finishing uni and about to start at Police training - I preferred his first career choice xx

  4. A most enjoyable post and good pictures as usual, the horses and carts must have been quite a sight.
    I made the most of the good weather and did plenty of plot pottering. Take care. xx

  5. Love the idea of living in an animal zone. So missing cats after my week cat sitting. Laughing at the thought of you listening to eldests podcast the things mothers do! Hope your week goes well and you get some time to enjoy your urchins :). B x

  6. Those horses have hairy feet! I have a podcast that might be an in between. I listen to Completely Arbotrary. It is all about trees, with some gentle swearing. I hope that you get some downtime soon, it sounds like you are very busy with work. I would love to have a horse but given my recent luck with companion animals, maybe I should stay clear of any animal that is expensive to insure (never mind the lack of pasture). Bloglovin is still glitchy, glad I decided to use my time on a boring Zoom meeting to navigate here. Cxx

  7. Spied the dog's tail. Clearly an exceedingly good sniff. Wondered where you were with the horses and what nots, would not have guessed Bristol. Enjoy your chore driven outings. I am feeling virtuous having done such a one myself, car tax, library and choosing birthday cards. I'm good now on that front till July.

  8. Wow that horse is huge, all his fluffy feet appear to be off the ground. We have lots of horses being ridden on roads in Lincolnshire. Pony traps are a rare sight, which is probably good due to the twisty narrow country roads, often single track too.

  9. I reckon it is good for life to just be normal. Sounds like an interesting podcast, what did you get done in the afternoon after that?! I noticed the footpath sign said Shropshire. Jo x

    1. I needed a lie down. Not actual Shropshire, just the damson variety Shropshire Prune, it's a tree label in the community orchard. A very long walk to Shropshire from here :)

  10. Martyn and I had a bad experience with a horse drawn tram. Something caused the horses to bolt and they shot off at breakneck speed nearly causing the tram to tip off the rails. We were on the open top ready to take some video. They pulled the groom under the tram and only stopped when someone ran out in front of them and grabbed the reigns. Needless to say there was no video and no more riding in anything horse drawn.