Friday, 31 December 2021

Onwards, clutching the chocolate gingers


A mixture of town and country. Christmas has been bits of cycling about the place, a little shopping/ice-skating/eating out, much eating in and a light smattering of work. I haven't solved the chicken mystery yet, the neighbours' recycling proved fairly tricky to examine in the dark with the dog trying to investigate it all alongside me and get his nose loudly right into the bins. I have narrowed down the suspects though and feel we are closing in.

I had a bit of a blog scare a couple of days ago when I sat down to write a blog post. I suddenly couldn't log in. Tech failures make me very neurotic and cross and I immediately imagine the worst. What if I could never get back in and you didn't know where I'd gone and I couldn't get to you and you thought I'd just abandoned you??? For the record, I wouldn't do that, I would say things and not just disappear. 

The trouble involves an old email address which I no longer have and don't seem to be able to change and it is all terribly complicated and I don't really understand. Anyway, I finally found a rather tenuous way back in, but it feels fragile, as though I might suddenly find myself out in the cold again. Anyway, here for now.

I mostly wanted to stop by and say Happy New Year and I hope it is all wonderful and full of moments when you feel brilliant about life and that sort of thing. I am of course intending to be a much finer version of myself next year and accomplish All The Things. I don't have an exact list, but you know the sort of thing. I will just finish those chocolate gingers first though. I don't think anyone else likes them very much. That must have skipped my mind when I bought them and it means I am having to eat the whole box by myself.

Wishing you a really lovely 2022, CJ xx


  1. Wishing you and your family a very happy 2022, thank you for sharing the ups and downs of your life, your posts always make me smile. xxx

  2. Glad you have the chocolate gingers to see you through. Yes I hate those moments when technology says no. Good to know you wouldn’t intentionally disappear as I so love your blog. Wishing you all a very happy new year. B x

  3. HAPPIEST NEW YEAR to you and yours!! *never had chocolate gingers - but sound delicious:)

  4. Happy New Year, may 2022 be kind, gentle, healthy and happy :) and occasionally those accidental shopping choices are meant to be!

  5. Love the photo of you and your bike. I really must move the lawnmower, shredder etc, and dig mine out of the shed. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution! Tech failures really raise my blood pressure and I'm thrilled that you managed to find your way back in; I would miss you. Wishing you and your family (including gorgeous Bertie) a happy and healthy 2022. Now, if you could just pass those chocolate gingers my way! :O) xx

  6. A blog scare like that would worry me too. Eating a whole box of anything is allowed at this time of year.
    Thanks, and for you too. xx

  7. Happy New Year. Like you I intend to be utterly wonderful this year and be massively productive, after I have had a little nap, tomorrow maybe or the next day.

  8. As it turns out, there is someone putting out chicken thighs in my neighbourhood, too. Someone also reported finding a sheep lung in their garden. I know because last night as we were waiting for the new year to start, Annie, her friend Eadie and I scrolled through the neighbourhood Facebook group Richard follows. So many questions. For example, how did the people with the sheep lung know it as a sheep lung? Did the police do a DNA profile? There was also a lady who used to put out food for the foxes around the bowling club but she has not been sighted since 2020. Mysteries upon mysteries. I might have to borrow my bloke's phone every now and then to keep up with all.

    I use an ancient email address for my blog, too. I have no idea how to update it. Let me know when you find out. Meanwhile, I will not ever log out.

    Wishing you a fabulous year. I look forward to visiting and read about your adventures with Bertie xx

    P.S. I do not have a jewel orchid. I had to look it up because over the years I lost all the labels for my common and not so common orchids. The jewel orchid looks very pretty, a cutting would be lovely x

    1. Oh intriguing, so many mysteries. A lot of fox feeding going on I think. Bertie got a whole pile of dried dog food that I assume was put out for them the other day as well. He had a very very small breakfast to make up for it. CJ xx

  9. happy holidays cj to you and yours. here is hoping for kindness and strength during 2022.
    cheers (-: and thank you for your continual posting.

  10. I hope 2022 is kind to you. You do know that you have just taught Bertie a bad habit don’t you? 😉 I hope no CCTV camera caught the activity.🤭

  11. What a pain being locked out of your own blog, so glad you found a way to creep back in. All the best for 2022, it's always a pleasure to visit

  12. One of the reasons stopping me from getting a new laptop is the fear that I won't be able to access my blog because I'm not sure what the password is, I access it now from my favourites bar automatically! I adore chocolat gingers.