Thursday 16 July 2020

Books and gardens

It's been busy, busy, busy here, for me at least. Which has meant a huge amount of guilt at not being around more for the urchins. Some of us are feeling a bit flat and, well, like many others I suppose. I had a moment in the garden earlier today, which was a good tonic though. I can see why gardening is prescribed for cheering people up.

Despite the busy work stuff, or maybe because of it, I have no news at all. School, such as it was, is ending, although I feel some people should maybe do a little learning over the summer holidays so as not to completely forget everything. I suspect they will all be rusty come September.

The cricket club is making noises about possible meetings and games. There is football training, after a fashion. And they have all had a haircut. I am still rather in my little bubble. Not sure what I miss and rather fed up with talking/thinking about it all.

Reading has been lovely. In the early evening I sit down with a book for half an hour, once the house is tidy. It is utterly blissful. I've been doing some work afterwards, just to keep on top of things, but that half hour is such a treat.

My neighbour gave me a beautiful scented candle the other day, by way of a thank you for a small errand, lavender and bergamot, so I will be lighting that later. She made it herself and it is a thing of beauty and smells divine. I also have some little rosemary and bay tea lights because I read somewhere about rosemary being good for focus and clear-headedness.

The garden smells rather lovely at the moment as well. A mixture of roses, nicotiana and fig tree. The latter has a lovely scent at times, surprisingly in autumn as well, when the leaves drop off.

I hope all is well out there with you all. I am hoping for some sunshine soon so that I can add a half hour reading in the garden to my day. I am easily pleased.


  1. I will send you some of our Oregon sunshine, there is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is warm but not overly so and no humidity. We have two big pots of Jasmine that are scenting our deck and pond area. We have lots of zucchini and peas and lettuces in our garden. Sending hugs to all of you and best wishes for your summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sunshine being sent from Jersey too. It’s a funny old time and very hard for those that have been at home so long without the structure of school. Glad you are getting a little reading done and that candle sounds wonderful. Thank goodness for gardens I say. Have a lovely, stress free weekend. B x

  3. Your candle sounds divine. I love a scented candle but R isn't so keen. I have to light them when he isn't around - which isn't so much at the moment! I'm going to dash outside and sniff our little fig tree. I haven't noticed any scent before, maybe it's too small. My one great memory of when we visited Troy was sitting under an enormous, old fig tree and inhaling that lovely scent, so I know I'm not immune to it. I think it's good to have a 'moment' every now and then - quite cathartic. Sending hugs and enjoy your reading. xx

  4. Lovely post and pictures. I need a haircut but will leave it another week or two. Reading at any time, and especially in the garden, sounds good to me so enjoy. xx

  5. You're very welcome to some of our blazing sunshine and heat -- although I ought not complain as we had some gorgeous and much-needed rain yesterday.

    Bee-yoo-tiful flowers...and the bee and butterfly people seem to agree :)

    I'm still very much 'bubbled' -- quite alright with it actually. No need to rush as far as I can see.

    And reading...yes...a favourite pastime...and that candle sounds just divine. xo

  6. Most of our flowers are gone because of the intense heat. I did spy a beautiful butterfly today so that made me happy. We are trying to stay safe despite the dire situation we are in in Florida. I can't seem to settle down with a book, have not done so for ages, I think my mind is always in a whirl. Stay safe.

  7. This week was a landmark occasion. We all had a haircut including the dog

  8. Your garden is coming along just beautifully! I hope the sunshine returns soon so you can enjoy some reading in the garden... sounds just perfect.