Saturday 4 July 2020

All you can eat fruit buffet

The garden is full of fruit and also full of birds eating the fruit. Blueberries, tayberries, raspberries, mulberries, strawberries and pounds and pounds and pounds of cherries. Blackbirds and robins and starlings and sparrows and pigeons. It's wonderful. There are two big cherry trees at the end of the garden and the birds are gorging themselves. There's another cherry out the front, so plenty of fruit to go around. I have been picking and stoning and freezing, they are such a treat in the winter.

The new little waterlily in the pond is flowering. The birds are splashing around there more than ever before as well. It's nice to see the garden becoming a little haven for them. Unless the dog happens to spot them of course. At the moment so many of the birds are juveniles, coming along with their parents and wrestling with a giant raspberry or trying to hang upside down and pick a mulberry. The robins are incredibly tame, flying down to poke around in the soil right next to me in the hopes of a worm.

Shops are gradually opening in the little town centre here, although the Council have infuriated shop owners by making the high street pedestrianised. It really is very quiet now. I went in the wool and houseplants shop yesterday and they seemed astonished to see a customer. The stationer was complaining about the lack of business as well. It's supposedly to allow people more space, but the pavements are pretty wide so it wasn't really an issue. Anyway, there is nothing but space now.

I don't really have any plans to do anything exciting such as go out or have a haircut, I'm happy quietly pootling away with the odd chat with a friend or a walk. We do have a couple of outside trips on the cards, but that's about it for now. It's an odd sort of time isn't it. Some people doing all of the things, some people doing none of the things and businesses trying to survive.

It's good to see bookshops opening again, although we don't have one in town any more. I think I would be conscious of how many books I took off of the shelves that then had to go on the quarantine trolley. I do like to take them all down and read the back cover and flip through a few pages. No doubt we will be back to that eventually, so I shall be patient.

Homeschooling is a bit of a battleground as it no doubt is for almost everyone else. Unless I actually stand over people and watch what they are doing they tend to wander off around the internet and get distracted. Have any of them actually learnt anything? Who knows. The littlest boy has made a very fetching row of owls out of toilet roll tubes (art) and watched many videos for drama and PE, but I haven't seen much in the way of maths and no science at all.

The biggest boy has been doing baking and piano, which will no doubt come in useful in life somewhere along the line but probably won't be much help when it comes to A-levels. The middle boy has hurt his arm and claims to be unable to do anything useful at all. I am wondering if that would work for me as well.


  1. You have a wool and houseplant shop?! I'm green with envy! Baking and piano playing are definite life skills. I did 2 years of German at school and the only words I can remember are birthday cake and fried potatoes - I suppose at least I wouldn't starve! Even if your son doesn't want to be a chef or a concert pianist, he'll have 2 relaxing hobbies to fall back on when life gets tough. I really wanted a photo of the loo roll owls and I have a sudden craving for cherry pie! xx

  2. A wool and houseplant shop sound like paradise, maybe they could add books and tea and I will move in and never leave. Good luck with the online home schooling, thank God it is over for us for a bit. Stay safe.

  3. Anyone who can play the piano will be very popular at parties and at xmas. I do admire you for having to home-school 3 boys. I don't think I would be able to do that. All I taught my kids was adventure. We were always taking off to the beach or to a swimming hole. I need to make some potato salad and baked beans but the dog is asleep on my lap and I'm averse to rousting her. Dayle is making honey mustard baked chicken thighs that we saw Giada make on the Food Network this morning. It's our first 4th of July with no parade or family here for a BBQ. ::pout:: ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Somehow I think the children will be fine- baking involves measuring at least! Funny how some shops manage their customers better than others. M&S last week was a joy to visit, whereas Building Societies are vile.

  5. Lovely post and pictures which had me smiling as usual. Lucky you having so much fruit, in spite of all the birds.
    I'm carrying on doing much the same as I have been doing the past three months. xx

  6. okay, just the idea of a wool and houseplant shop fills me with utter delight! What a brilliant combination!!

    We went to a nearby touristy sort of town the other day and immediately came home again. The streets were bulging with people and the shops were PACKED. Horrifying. Especially as it was eleventy billion degrees Celsius and, I'm sure, a breeding ground for microbes...warm, humid air etc etc. We'll be staying closer to home from this point onwards. (I only wanted to go to the bookshop and we assumed it wouldn't be busy)

    I'm thrilled by the vision of your berries and birds...#goals. I can imagine you've created a wonderful sanctuary for the wild things in your garden. xo

  7. Hang on in there with the home schooling, only a short time until the holidays . I’m sure the boys are absorbing more than you realise. Similar fruit stealing here. I share the logans with the blackbirds. Like the sound of those cherry trees.
    Did you buy any wool? Looking forward to seeing a work in progress. Must be odd to have empty streets. We seem to have returned to near normal although opening up the borders has already created one person arriving testing positive so I guess the whole of their plane has to go into isolation for 14 days. Some holiday! B x

  8. Homeschooling was a bit of as struggle for us, as well. I literally had to stand over my daughter to make sure everything was completed. We may be doing homeschool again in the fall and I'm not sure how I feel about that, yet I know it is the safest option. I miss bookstores too, and I'll be happy when things return to somewhat normal again at some point in time. Hope you have a good week!

  9. I wish we could boast loads of cherries but we do have lots of baby birds.

    Watching PE videos now that would have been the sort of P\E I would have liked as both a pupil and a teacher

  10. Birds are very busy eating our soft fruit, too. Unfortunately no cherries, these don't like our climate much, which is a shame because it is my favourite fruit ever. I am over the moon because homeschooling is finished for us, for now. Imagine being a homeschooler all the time!! I'd be banging my head against a wall, I am sure of that. Who knows what is happening in August, the messages from schools and council are mixed... I went to the yarn shop, too, and the teeny tiny garden shop (a florist that sells garden plants). Exiting times. I haven't ventured out to the local bookshop yet but will take the young ones tomorrow for a wee holiday book or two. I quite like being in my little bubble, not quite ready to venture out too much. Have a lovely week xx

  11. It is such strange times isn’t it but although I often lament the fact my boys are grown up and left home, I am grateful that I don’t have to home school the. I think there would be a lot of football practice going on!