Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Hair today

The dog finally had a lovely haircut. He had pretty much turned into a sheep. Now he is all slim and streamlined and can run like the wind again without being blinded by his moustache blowing up in his face. Above is a 'before' shot.

There is no other news, none at all. I am feeling a bit flat. Can anyone relate? I don't know why really, there's nothing particular I can put my finger on. It's not as if I'm normally zipping off to a lively office and living in a social whirl. I think maybe it's the slower pace of things. I always do much better under pressure, when there's not enough time. Ridiculous isn't it. Now I have time to do everything I've gone all sluggish and I can't really be bothered.

The littlest boy did his music homework this morning while I was working. It involved a lot of fancy tapping on an empty baked bean tin. It went on and on and on. It was a bit like a steel drum and almost put me in mind of the Caribbean. After about two hours I put my head round my laptop and said, 'CAN YOU NOT FIND SOME SENSIBLE HOMEWORK??? MATHS OR ENGLISH OR SCIENCE OR FRENCH OR HUMANITIES.' He is cherry-picking. This morning was PE (which seemed to involve watching videos), coding a computer game and incessant tapping of the bean tin. Where are the quadratic equations and future pluperfect verbs?

I have made him show everyone else in the house at length what he'd learned so that they could share the joy. He made me learn the routine as well, except that I wasn't allowed to hold the bean tin, I had to pretend. It wasn't quite the same to be honest.

There's been quite a lot of piano playing as well, which I'm sure the neighbours are enjoying. The piano is really out of tune, but I'm not sure I want to fork out and have it tuned only to have it sit there untouched for ages. The biggest boy is teaching himself, I'm quite impressed. And also feeling a bit guilty that I never gave him the opportunity to have lessons. Ironically, the other two did have lessons but didn't hugely enjoy practice, while the biggest boy probably would have done. Can't get it all right though, eh? Although I wouldn't mind nailing the odd thing. Maybe one day.

How are you all, my lovelies? All good I hope. Hair okay?


  1. Every time Ruby has a drink her ‘beard’ drips water everywhere. Her next appointment isn’t until mid July.

  2. Oh yes, I know exactly how you feel. Me too. I think its partially because everything was up in arms during the severe Covid days and now I'm not as stressed about it (along with the gov) so its a bit of a let down....which is good of course.
    I too do better under pressure and since my youngest child left home early this year there isn't any! At least not like there was when all kids were younger and life was a whirl. I used to be very prolific when there was a deadline or when there was only half and hour in the day to do it - now I have all the time in the world and am loafing around!! I'm obviously not good at putting the pressure on myself ;o)
    I do hope you can make the most of the 'can't be bothereds' and find a beautiful shady spot to sit out doors and dream :o)

  3. I love Bertie's before picture.. his fur is aMAYzing. I did almost nothing today.. and there is a lot I could do.. but whatEVS. I did crochet on my shawl.. played Words With Friends.. watched CNN where I learned that the EU might block Americans from visiting and watched our idiot "president" hold a rally crammed with young people, no masks. What an embarrassment.
    I can't wait until this nightmare is over. If there is anyone left alive when he's done r***ing and pillaging our country. sigh. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm glad that Bertie has had his fur cut as I think this week is turning into a bit of a scorcher. I'm rather envious - I have finally got a haircut appointment; it's for July 16th, so a few weeks yet. I keep hacking bits off my fringe but it's not a good look!
    I know what you mean about feeling flat. I think when it all kicked off and we were first in lockdown there was more of a Dunkirk spirit about it all. Now it's gone on for so long, we're allowed out more but things aren't back to normal and it's all a bit blah.
    The bean tin torture made me laugh - I wonder if the teacher was chuckling quietly to themselves when they set that particular activity?!
    Enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts. I shall try to muster the energy to paint the shed - it's not looking hopeful. :o) xx

  5. I bet Bertie is pretty pleased about the haircut this week. Can’t wait for mine. Only another three weeks to wait. I keep trimming the fringe but it gets more wonky each time.
    Well done on any learning in your boys corner and I guess bean tin is better than a big bass drum. Self taught piano is great too. I too feel that curious disenchanted lifelessness. Yes we can do most things these days, all at a distance but the world is feeling mighty strange. I guess it’s all the uncertainty. Enjoy your garden this sunny week. B x

  6. Bertie has such lovely hair...even with his wild-dog-of-the-woods look, I think he's devastatingly handsome.

    I've accomplished vast amounts of nothing in the past few days...my motivation and energy are inversely proportional to the humidex reading...as such, I've been mostly laying about reading in front of a fan. Not my favourite weather at all.

    The bean tin. Oh my.

    Everyone needs haircuts here, but it's yet another logistical hurdle to be overcome and I feel like I haven't got the energy. I'm happy to remain with an unruly mop...I'm going to grow it all out anyway, in the interest of becoming pandemic-proof. ;)


  7. Flat is just the right word for it. I'm just a bit 'Meh". Thankfully no children to home school. My curly hair is wild but I have an appointment on 10th July thank goodness. I'd be locking up the bean tin, I suppose it would have been worse with a drum kit. CN x

  8. My piano is super flat, and I would just love to give it away to someone who would love it to be honest. It takes up loads of space. Little B got this noise machine for his birthday from a friend where you push buttons, (his favorite thing) and it makes ridiculous noises. I put tape on the back of the speaker to make it quieter and it still drove me mad. i have made it a toy he can only play with in his room with his door shut! Stay safe.

  9. Same here. All the time in the world, but I seem to be getting nothing done, like organizing and cleaning out closets which are both in desperate need. I'll blame it on the recent addition of a new puppy to our family and all the training that is involved, especially in the beginning. My hair could use a good trim and a bit of color on the roots and few highlights, that's for sure. Just debating on whether or not I'm ready to go back into a salon even though I know they are taking all percautions. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Bertie is gorgeous, with or without overgrown eyebrows! My hairdresser phoned with an appointment for 8 July so that caused so much joy it was disproportionate! I'll never take her for granted again. Also the piano tuner has been in touch. I don't play and since my husband died neither does everyone else. I think I need advice! I daren't give it away because my daughter would kill me.
    It is weird at the moment isn't it? I didn't do 'shopping' as such so haven't missed it but it is tragic how many livelihoods are now on the line. I'm getting very little done however after the first burst of enthusiasm. Luckily the charity shops are now open! Although you have to queue to donate and they have to quarantine everything. Still - a space has now appeared where all the surplus stuff was.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I envy Bertie getting a haircut but have finally managed to nab an appointment this week so I am very excited. I know exactly what you mean about feeling flat. I don’t have any teaching at the moment so that is missing but it’s not like I’m going out all over the place usually. Things are just out of kilter and it feels wrong.