Friday 9 November 2018

Being dramatic (again)

Autumn is full throttle here at Casa Above the River. Wind and rain and a mass of red and gold cherry leaves swirling about the garden. As I type, a draught is blowing through the closed window. The dog is sat with his nose pressed to the glass, keeping an eye on the street. His people are out, and he is waiting for them, while simultaneously guarding against potential intruders. It's getting dark, on an overcast afternoon, barely quarter past four but I'll be putting on the lamp soon.

Amongst the baring branches of the trees in the back garden there have been dozens of goldfinches. This year seems to have been a bumper year. I counted over 50 the other day, flying in a flock between the trees and backwards and forwards to a feeder. The starlings have been doing their usual mass descent onto my neighbours' grapevine, which is still full of fruit. They suddenly all appear, go mad for a couple of minutes, then, poof, they're gone.

The biggest boy spotted a sparrowhawk in the neighbours' tree this week as well. It was a fantastic bird to see, so close to the house. You may be forgiven for thinking we spend all our time peering into the neighbours' garden. Well, it's possible we do. They are lovely, they don't mind at all.

I girded my loins and made a return trip to the dentist yesterday. It went something like this.

Me:  It's getting a bit better I think. Maybe just a few more antibiotics and it will be all better. [I should point out that I am normally against antibiotics, but the pain had turned me into someone I didn't recognise. You know, like when a rhino or a tiger goes on the rampage, destroying villages and eating children, and when they finally capture it, it turns out to have toothache - that was me.]

Dentist: No, that won't work. It will need to come out eventually. You could try using mouthwash.

Me: Hmm. I think it's almost better though. You wouldn't give me just a bit more of the antibiotics, just to clear it up?

Dentist: No, they won't work. The tooth will need to come out eventually. We could do it now.

This went on for a bit.

Me: Oh, I suppose I don't have a choice then. Okay. Yes, do it.

Dentist: Shall we do it now?

Me: Okay, do it. [Needle approaches]. HANG ON, I'M NOT SURE NOW. If I had more antibiotics I think it would clear up.

Dentist: You could try mouthwash.

Me: (Sadly) It won't work. It really hurts. Oh, go on then.

[Dentist numbs mouth and leaves it to work for a couple of minutes, then pokes my gum with instrument of torture.]


Dentist: You can just feel the pressure, it's all numb.


Dentist: Open a bit wider. [Crunch]. There we are, all done.

Me: Oh.

Dental nurse: [Inserting gauze pad] Bite on this.

Me: [Surprised] Tha wathn't ath bad ath I thaw it woo be.

No pain at all! Turns out I was all nicely numb after all. And it turns out I'm completely dramatic when it comes to teeth. Never mind, all done now. I am looking forward to the return to actual proper food. I have some nice stuffed pasta in the fridge, and I might even manage a finely chopped salad. Anything scrumptious planned for yourselves over the weekend? I hope you enjoy. CJ xx


  1. So glad you were brave :). Just think how exciting it will be to eat real food. You are allowed to be as dramatic as you like.
    Lots of goldfinches here too but no sparrowhalk. Lovely photos.
    Pamper yourself this weekend. B x

  2. Oh, CJ, as a 71 year old confirmed dental-phobe of long standing, you made your big mistake by not closing your eyes BEFORE they could approach with the needle! I made up my mind long ago that I would just sit back and execute my death-grip on the chair with my eyes closed and let the professionals get one with it - I do not need to see the instruments of torture! But I am so proud that you are finally pain free - you could not possibly be indisposed for the coming holidays.

  3. So glad that is over for you!!!
    Enjoy a crunchy food, pain free weekend. : )

  4. I love your conversation with your dentist! Good to hear your on the mend and off the soft foods. xx Susan

  5. Well.. I'm glad to hear you got that taken care of. Will you have to get an implant tooth to replace it? Winter is coming! Same here. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Another dental-phobe here, also 71! So brave to have it done there & then. I take weeks to psych myself up and then have that marvellous drug that makes you forget what happened. Can't remember the name but it's ace! Enjoy all that scrumptious food.

  7. Lucky you seeing goldfinches and a sparrowhawk. Well done on getting your tooth removed, and can enjoy proper food again. Thanks, and you too. xx

  8. Sorry the tooth had to come out, but I am glad that you dealt with it and can move on. Eating regular food is a blessing isn't it?

  9. I'm very glad the tooth is sorted. I've had extractions before and they've always surprised me how little you actually feel. Just a moment of pressure then it's all done. Well done for being brave xx

  10. My dentist once told me that when he was a dental student they had to practise giving injections on one another. That’s what I call commitment.

  11. YAY! The pain is gone and all will be well. I was at the dentist yesterday and a 'good girl!' for having no problems. I'm only 10 yrs younger than the Dr but it was must appreciated to be praised, I'm so lucky I'm not scared (I guess nothing bad has happened yet!) x

  12. Bravo, Brave Woman! So glad your pain is gone!! xx

  13. Dentist fear. Not nice. So pleased he got it out against all odds and you can get back to the person you know best, yourself. Wish you a quick recovery. Enjoy the bird (and neighbor) watching. I love being a peeping Tom. I just don't really have anyone to watch aroudn here... But when in Stockholm, at my Moms, I can sit and stare out the window and watch all the people in the next block across the road. It's really amusing. Not creepy at all. ;)

  14. So glad the demon tooth is gone! And all those birds wonderful :)

  15. I am glad hat tooth is gone! I'd send you a "brave woman" sticker if I had one. After reading your post, I was a bit apprehensive of my upcoming dentist appointment, completely irrational because I have not even got a tooth ache!

    A flock of 50 goldfinches is quite something! Are you sure it is not a set for a new version of Hitchcock's "Birds"??

    Wishing you a painfree and happy week. xx

  16. Poor you I have always hated going to the dentist glad it wasn't as bad as you feared. We have had over 42,000 birds migrating overhead in the last month. The goldfinches seem to disappear here during the summer so they are a welcome sight now. Sarah x

  17. I had my hand clapped to my face for your report. But well done. Bring on the crisp apples and crusty bread. And now I must face my fear and go and get the blood tests done that were ordered, oh, about six weeks ago.

  18. Well done CJ, you must be so glad that tooth is gone and with it the awful pain. All those goldfinches must be an amazing sight, how lovely. Hope you're enjoying your pain-free week. Jane x

  19. Well done for being brave and facing the dentist x