Saturday, 19 May 2018


Well, the royal wedding was all rather lovely wasn't it. I watched the news the evening before and the news reader was all smiles and everyone was happy. It made a change I have to say.

The biggest boy was a little dismayed at how late in the day they were getting married. If it was him he'd have got it done early and spent the rest of the day eating mango panna cotta, one of his best things and apparently something that he heard would be on the menu. The littlest boy was waiting for The Kiss. They are big on romance in his class I think. In a half horrified and half thrilled sort of way.

The middle boy went out scooting, the biggest one had cricket, so in the end it was just me and the littlest boy. He is very entertaining company, certain at one point that the bloke up the road that we see dog walking sometimes was there (it wasn't, it was Earl Spencer) and waiting with glee for a rogue horse to break free.

So it all passed in a swirl of silk and bridesmaids and exquisite flowers and the most elegant dress and a mile long silk train hand embroidered (how many hours?!) with the most beautiful bride and horses and carriages and George Clooney and the stunning setting of an ancient chapel. I had to go out and walk about a bit this afternoon to re-enter normal life.

Occasionally there was coverage from Meghan's home town in America. It intrigued me that lots of people seemed to think we would all be eating sausage rolls and custard over here. Not together, but, even so. American friends, is this true? Is this how you picture us? Although sadly I have to admit I do serve sausage rolls and custard more than mango panna cotta. In fact, let's be honest, I've never served mango panna cotta. Blast it, it's true isn't it, we are a nation of sausage roll eaters. I am off immediately to look up a recipe for mango panna cotta. I shall from now on set my sights on higher things. Hope all had a good day. CJ xx

PS. Photo below for the littlest boy and all others who like the romance and the kissy stuff.


  1. I loved it too CJ. So lovely to be able to share in the excitement and get to "join them" on the big day. It seemed like the perfect venue, especially in the sunshine. I loved the setting for the kiss on those steps lined with soldiers, a nice surprise rather than the usual balcony setting.
    Oh, and the dress was fabulous wasn't it.
    Jacquie x

  2. It was gorgeous wasn't it? I was up at 6:30 to see it, and it did not disappoint. I watched every minute and shed a few tears. What a lovely ceremony and how beautiful the bride looked. She must have been in a fright of nerves but looked so serene and beautiful. Harry brushing a tear from his eyes nearly did me in. Tell your oldest it was over way too early for us over in the States and then it felt like a let down the rest of the day. I kept the news on just to see parts of it again. As for the sausage rolls, no that is not all we think you eat. But the thought of tea sounds lovely. A day of happy news is just what the world needed, especially after all the gross stuff.

  3. Don't know what the American locals said, which you watched...

    But I view the British as lovely people. I am so *jealous* of life in English Country Villages, which some of my blogging friends lead. The old homes... The beautiful, un-built-up country side. Old roads and lanes and gorgeous ruins and beautiful preserved buildings and quaint village homes and etc., etc., etc. And History and Lore, going back 'forever'!

    And I love all your colloquialisms. Like "cheeky" and etc. :-)

    And love that you have laws, which prevent the building up of the country side. Wonderful! Wise! Hope you never allow "the powers that be," to dismiss these laws... To build "need housing", as they call it. When everyone knows, this "needed" housing, is for the unlimited influx of foreigners.

    Oooops, that delved into your own business. About which, I have no need or right, to speak. Sorry...

  4. Actually, I did not watch any of the wedding.

    All I looked for, was pictures of what Princess Catherine (Kate) wore. :-)

  5. I'm watching the wedding in a recording on CNN right now.. I'm a hopeless anglophile being descended from the English and Scottish ancestors. And to think I probably will never get to see it myself. Tragic. I don't think that all you eat is sausage rolls.. lol. But I do hope you make some mango panna cotta and show us photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. We only managed to catch a little of it all but it was all rather lovely wasn't it. Such a beautiful elegant bride and so nice to have some good news to smile about. Off to find a recipe for mango panna cotta now... what sophisticated tastes your young man has!

  7. It was lovely from beginning to end. We watched it drinking champagne and eating smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, not a sausage roll (or a mango) in sight 😉. Loved it all. Perfect xx

  8. It was lovely! Such a beautiful love story!

  9. I really had little interest in it but glad to see that people enjoyed watching and the weather was good.

  10. I'd never heard of mango Panama cotta till I started treading g British blogs. I don't think of you as a nation of sausage eaters, any more than Know tho k of us as a nation of hot dog eaters.

  11. Wasn't it perfect! The wedding, the weather, Windsor ....and all that happy, kissy stuff!

  12. It was all rather marvellous wasn't it. I was teary eyed on more than one occasion (much to R's amusement!) and just felt an enormous sense of national pride. I also thought that Bishop Curry livened things up no end, as did the choir. As for the cellist - just perfect. Enjoy the panna cotta! xx

  13. A gorgeous day, enjoyed by so many people, from so many different walks of life. Glorious sunshine, matched by the hearts and minds of all us lookers-on, and a day when darker things that have held so much sway over us of late, were just... banished. There are still good things to experience if you know where to look, to take pride in, and stock up with, and that day had it all. Music to die for. Heavenly flowers. An intimate peep into a young couple's special day. And a feeling that we were all standing together for once, not to do battle, but to soak up all that happiness.

    For me, the bravest woman there was her mother - alone for much of the service - sitting with the Royal Family of another country, in a magnificent setting, and watching her daughter with such quiet dignity, and presence. Under-stated and elegant, whether she was familiar with the host of people around her or not, whether she felt intimidated, or nervous, it didn't show.
    Good for her, good for them, and good for us !

  14. All beautifully put CJ and so glad littlest boy enjoyed the most important part of all the proceedings THE KISS.....


  15. Yes, beautiful! And ditto to everything Linda said above. I'm almost ashamed to say I'd forgotten the date until my dad complained about "nothing but wedding stuff" being on TV that day. (He's 91 so maybe he's seen his fill of weddings, royal or otherwise.) But I went home and looked at the photos for a couple of hours. Lovely dress, stunning train, cute pageboys and bridesmaids, amazing setting, and those flowers were beyond beautiful. And I loved seeing all the pretty flowery dresses worn by guests.
    I don't think most Americans even know what a sausage roll is. :) Warm beer might be what comes to a lot of minds here when asked about British food or drink.

  16. It really was. I'm always happy whenever good people are doing things that make them happy, no matter who they are.

  17. I loved hearing your take on the wedding as a Brit. And no, I don't think anything about sausages and mango or custard...or anyone else I know! I absolutely love English tradition, your beautiful rolling hills and fairy tale castles, and the royal family of course!

    I read somewhere that we Americans thought the English were way too stoic and cold. And then someone over there on your side of the pond explained that those manners are to make others feel welcome. Ah---a true awakening. Seriously. :)

    If your little guy thought HIS day was long...the wedding began here on Saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. I had gone to bed about midnight on Friday, with my alarm set. I tossed and turned so I went to the guest room to watch the TV without awakening my husband. I was comfy in the bed and couldn't sleep so I was wide awake for over 24 hours. And I saw the wedding!!! I'm a little ashamed to say that I went conked out and slept to 5:00 in the afternoon! Well, I guess we all have a story to tell.

    Sending a big hello from here. Let's catch up soon!


  18. I missed it.....What a beautiful Ria 💜💜💜