Saturday 11 September 2021

Summer's end

I have just about reacclimatised myself to my normal life after a week away. Honestly, a holiday is a tricky thing isn't it. One minute I was swanning around a vast kitchen with acres of space and gazing out of the living room window at clouds drifting dreamily across mountains and wondering which of the three bathrooms with underfloor heating I would have a shower in, the next minute it was back to my own small slightly sticky space with spiders in the corners and barely enough room to swing a dog.

Anyway, as I say, I am all back to normal now. I couldn't possibly wash such a vast kitchen floor or clean three bathrooms (and an extra toilet!). It may sound as if we went all out budget-wise, but it was fairly reasonable back when I booked, just very well appointed. And the underfloor heating was only on because we couldn't work out how to turn it off. It came on for a couple of hours and proved quite handy for drying out damp boots. You see, this type of luxury is wasted on me, in the blink of an eye I had it all looking like a launderette.

The eldest braved a night of wild camping, returning to report that he didn't feel it was his natural milieu. I think he may have pitched his tent on a slope and spent the entire night sliding down it. It was very nice in the huge master bedroom back at the house, although I slept really badly all week. I don't think luxury agrees with me.

Last weekend had a glorious end of summer feel. I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching cricket, aka sitting in a deckchair in the sun. Both pitches were in lovely spots, one in the city, one in the countryside. I got stung by a wasp at the second one and my arm blew up like a balloon. I laid awake half the night worrying about what would have happened if it stung me in the mouth and I couldn't breathe. It's a recurring anxiety of mine. I pretty much have it all planned out now though, it will involve a lot of yelling and calling ambulances and possibly a self-performed tracheotomy. I find that once I have a plan for what I'll do, should the worst happen, I am happy as a clam again.

The urchins went back to school on Tuesday, which I think they found fairly underwhelming. The youngest has a new teacher who is apparently really rubbish. It turns out she is really organised and really strict. I honestly sometimes wonder if he is my child at all. Being really organised is pretty much the gold standard as far as I'm concerned. I'm always rushing about the place shouting about attention to detail and making lists. Possibly why he was horrified to encounter it at school as well. 

It's all back to the grindstone here. I'm flat out with work, which is good of course, but also exhausting. The garden is nagging away at me to spend some time on it, but it will all have to wait for now. Busy at your end?


  1. Your holiday snaps look beautiful. We haven't been away yet but have something booked later in the autumn. We'll have the opposite experience to you - a tiny studio flat in Cornwall, so I'm hoping that our house will feel enormous on our return! Good that you have it all worked out in case of wasp stings - better carry a Swiss army knife and a Bic biro for that self-tracheotomy! :O) xx

  2. A bit of luxury on holiday with glorious views - sounds lovely.
    Speaking of wasp stings, I unwittingly disturbed a wasp nest yesterday, in my garden, and was stung on my face, arm and back. The little b*****s followed me into the house and got in my clothes and were still stinging my clothes when they were in a heap on the floor. I rushed around naked, trying to find my handbag where I always keep After-bite and Antistan (it's a Granny thing!). Thank goodness no-one came to the door which I had left open in my panic. I applied the After Bite then slathered myself with Antistan and drove the 10 mins to the Chemist to get their own brand equivalent of Piriton. It seems to be working well and my back and arm are fine, red and hot but not hurting or very swollen. My face is a bit lopsidied, it looks like I have had a one-sided Botox treatment, but no pain - not looking forward to the itchy stage though.

  3. We haven't been on holiday since 2018 for one reason or another so it's lovely to see your photos, it looks idyllic, and I do like a bit of luxury when I'm away. Underfloor heating sounds perfect. I've never been stung by a wasp but I do have a lot of allergies so you've got me wondering now, perhaps I need a plan in place too.

  4. More wonderful photos. Love the goat half way up the mountain. Rough camping wouldn’t be my thing either, definitely washed away in my case. Underfloor heating no less. I dare say you needed it in the wet wilds of the Lake District. We had it in the last classroom I taught in. Not good as it tended to make the children very sleepy when they were sat on the carpet. Mind you it made for a quieter classroom.
    Wish you hadn’t told me about stings; now you’ve got me worried. A self tracheotomy, oh dear no…I have a job just putting on a plaster. Hope the sun shines some more and you get to do a little pottering in your garden. B x

  5. Wild camping not my thing either. The one time I camped wild there were scary animal noises all around the tent and it was awfully dark. It was in a remote national park in Tasmania. I might ask for the details for your rental home in the Lake District. I like the idea of having my own toilet, one not frequented by careless male teenagers. I hope you won't experience any further wasp stings, your reaction sounds bad and I am not surprised you had a sleepless night. But a nice end to the week with cricket in the sun sounds good. Have a wonderful week xx

  6. It's always an interesting time for teachers when they start a new year too. Fortunately as I taught year 6 I more or less knew all the children and they knew me so it was easier.

  7. I'm lucky enough to have a fabulous wet room which I need as I struggle to stand and shower. But in winter it also turns into a fantastic room for drying wet outdoor swimming kit. Shoes, rash vest and lots of other stuff that has to be hand rinsed and can't be spun.
    Youngest dis get stung in the mouth aged 2. Fortunately antihistamines took the swelling down as we were in the middle of nowhere pre mobile phone. But it was a bit scary watching his tongue and mouth swell. A he wanted was his cheese sandwich back (minus the wasp).

  8. No wild camping for me either! I prefer a proper bed.
    I'm the same as you, once something is on my mind I find it hard to go to sleep until I work out a plan. Latest was what if all my cards and phone were lost or stolen on holiday! I now have a plan.
    Love the photos...they're a nice reminder of our holiday in the Lakes in July.