Tuesday 18 August 2020

Lakes and mountains


There is a bit of post-holiday, post-lockdown, post-five-months with-nothing-to-do disillusionment here, for want of a better word. The urchins have had enough I fear. I have told them tales of how in my day we entertained ourselves with nothing but a piece of string and a stick and thought ourselves glad to have it, but alas it has not seemed to help. 

The first half of it all was fine. All golden sunshine and energy and enthusiasm and fun with each other, playing games, going out for Permitted Exercise and general bonhomie in a tight situation. But somehow that has all evaporated, all the books have been read, all the things have been done, and done again, and there is nothing left to do but brother-baiting. I'm not complaining, I know how lucky we are, it's more of an observation really, and a wondering if it is the same elsewhere. I imagine it might be.

We journeyed to the frozen North last week, which actually turned out to be sweltering. A week in the Lake District, with the dog, mountains, kayaks, paddle boards and the biggest thunderstorm I've ever heard. All fabulous and a nice break away from the usual everyday stuff, which was particularly welcome for the urchins this year I think.

In other news, the dog has decided he no longer cares to go for walks. I've no idea why, it started before we went away. He simply doesn't fancy his morning and evening outings and when he does decide to move he is very picky about which route he is prepared to take. 

I actually have to carry him out of the house and up the road sometimes, and then he sits down and looks at me as if trying to communicate. I sometimes wish we could have a conversation, although he would probably just ask for more sardines and sausages, while I'd have serious things to say about his diabolical treatment of the cushions.

I am wondering if it is a bit of anxiety, worrying that his pack will go off without him while he's out. He is quite an anxious little chap and takes his job of looking after us all very seriously. It's a big responsibility you know.

Probably enough wittering for now, I hope all are well and that no-one has been thunderstruck. CJ xx


  1. Your dog might not want to walk due to pain. Mine did that from arthritis

  2. Dear Bertie, There is something so tragic about his anxiety. Maybe his paws are tender after all that walking in the Lake District? Your holiday sounds wonderful and I envy you your thunderstorm - I love them and they have been few and disappointing around here this summer. Good luck to your son for results day tomorrow. xx

  3. Brother baiting....sigh, I hate to say it but there’s a lot of that about even now in this household. I can imagine their frustration and now boredom after so many months. Hope school’s return will fix the problem and all goes well with exam results.
    Very envious of your Lake District trip although can’t imagine what they’d be like in a heatwave. Not surprised Bertie doesn’t feel like walking too with all that heat. Only one somewhat pathetic thunderstorm here although it is raining today...hurrah, full water butts again. Hope positive things happen soon. B xx

  4. Did Bertie's paws get sore on hot pavements?

  5. It looks like you chose a good week weather-wise, and good to see that you enjoyed yourselves. I'm not surprised that the boys have had enough, I think that most people have one way or another at present.
    I hope that Bertie is okay, I'm sure a conversation with him would be most enlightening.
    I'm okay thanks, and not much thunder here thankfully. xx

  6. You did choose the right week to come here! It had been the frozen north up until that time of sweltering temperatures (for here) and some rather spectacular thunderstorms! I do hope you had a lovely time exploring, it looks like you did. Brother baiting sounds like a troublesome activity and rather difficult to listen to I am sure, I expect they are feeling like the future is a rather uninviting place like most of us are. I do hope they are feeling a little more settled soon, the world is so unsettling right now isn't it?

  7. In my house its sister-baiting! I have four daughters who have all been off school/uni the last 5+ months like your boys and I think now everyone is ready to get back to the normality and routine of school. I am certainly looking for some peace and quiet and being able to have a good tidy up. Like you we have gcse results tomorrow for one daughter so her mood has not been great the last few days with all the negativity in the press/on news etc. If we can just manage 5 passess tomorrow we will all heave a sigh of relief. Your holiday looked great - we are off to dorset at the weekend to do lots of beachey stuff - there seems to be less sister baiting if the sea/paddle board is nearby. Good luck tomorrow Emma

  8. We have also just returned from the Lake District, alas only two days on route home from a funeral in Scotland. It was a lovely break although I found the towns too crowded and was dismayed by the amount of litter.
    I’m wondering if the dog might indeed have a bit of separation anxiety as I was reading that it has become quite common since lockdown when they have had constant companionship.

  9. I thought that Elizabeth and Mr Darcy were going to come walking across those hills in the photos. So beautiful. As for dogs my Bear suddenly spends a lot of his day in his crate, why? It makes no sense and he is also suddenly afraid of thunder. Why now? He has not been locked outside in a storm with no shelter. He is never outside in a storm. So perplexing. Stay safe.

  10. I wonder whether Bertie has had something that has upset him on his walks out.I’m sure that for lots of children being restrained at home is wearing thin.