Tuesday, 19 May 2020

A little learning

We took advantage of the beautiful weather at the weekend (when did it last rain???) and went out and about the place with the beast. There was wild garlic everywhere and it was wonderful to stand on top of the ridge and look out over the countryside and across the river. It had been a while since we'd been anywhere except within walking distance of home.

The urchins have been out and about running and cycling. The biggest boy fell in a huge bramble bush over a ditch and it took him ten minutes to get out apparently. Honestly, I'm not sure how they manage it, but they are always falling off and falling in and getting into scrapes.

We have been doing some workouts at home. The biggest boy, who knows all about muscles and things, yells at us that we are doing it wrong. Honestly, it's like being in the army.

I believe they have been doing a little learning, although I couldn't swear to it. The middle boy tells me that at 10 o'clock in the morning I will be the liveliest I will be all day, so I am trying to capitalise on that. Sometimes I am almost ready for a nap by 10am though, so maybe I am not actually normal.

We are missing the library. The two younger ones tell me they have read all of the books in the house. I'm sure that's not true, but they've probably read quite a few of them. It's the littlest boy's birthday in the not-too-distant future and he is REALLY EXCITED already. We will be staying at home :) But, hey, a birthday is a birthday, no? It's actually not for three weeks or so, but it never hurts to start building the anticipation early on. And then there are all of the important decisions to be made, such as what to have for tea and what cake and what to have for breakfast.

The dog's ears are a little matted under his cone, which cannot be removed because he instantly chews his itchy spot. It's healing well though, so hopefully soon. Anyway, we are trying very hard to sneak up on him with the dog grooming scissors and snip the matted bits off, but he rumbles us every time. He doesn't trust us a single bit. We may have to resort to bribery with tasty snacks.

I will leave you with a conversation had by the biggest and littlest boys.

Littlest boy: I've got a joke. Waiter, waiter, there's a fly in my soup. Then the waiter says, that's not a fly, it's the chef, he's really tiny and he fell in.

Biggest boy: THAT'S NOT A JOKE.

Littlest boy: IT WAS IN A JOKE BOOK.

Yes, we definitely need more books. But no more jokes, please no more jokes.


  1. Poor Bertie with his Cone of Shame! I hope the itchy bit gets well soon. We've also been making the most of being able to drive somewhere to exercise - we've exhausted all the local public footpaths and thought we'd better take advantage before the R rate rises and they shut us all down completely again! Your photos are wonderful; such beautiful countryside. I have a feeling that your littlest will be getting a few books in his birthday haul! xx

  2. Such glorious pics! I do especially like the one of Bertie running along the path - I had to do a double take!! Too cute! I have a daughter who gyms and she's a bit of a drill sergeant when it comes to helping me exercise too. I really just want a gentle stretch but oh no she's written up a whole page of ridiculously contorted poses and expects we to oblige. It never ends well ;o)

  3. I don't get that joke, either. Am I missing something? I enjoyed all your countryside photos. That one little pink flower with the stripes, what do you call it there? We actually call it "Stinky Bob"! It's very invasive. We rip it out when we can. I really enjoy reading your writings. Dayle and I both get a kick out of you and your musings. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Fabulous. What a carefree life you all live at the moment in amongst the virus lockdown days. None of that old rushing here and there only if it's for fun. x

  5. The pink flower is a cranesbill I think. The wild version of the geranium. A weed, but I tend to let it go in messy corners where nothing else will grow, but yank it out elsewhere. I love Bertie! his doleful face cracks me up.
    My daughter would have me doing gym and keep fit if I let her. I stick to Pilates and a wee bit of Yoga. Far more restful!

  6. Such beautiful scenery in your corner; I would have loved to have been on that ridge with you. Glad Bertie is gradually healing. We took have to prune matted fur with scissors, in our case an aged cat who can’t lick back legs anymore. He doesn’t trust us either.
    I’m missing the library too. I’m not sure why it can’t open now shops are beginning to open. Ours is never busy. Something to look forward to. Hope the anticipation doesn’t get too much for nearly birthday boy, can’t say I get quite so excited myself these days. Enjoy the sunshine:) B x

  7. A most enjoyable post and lovely pictures. I guess that Bert will be happy when he's coneless again.
    I miss the library as well as I always went there every week.
    Take care. xx

  8. Those cones are really a nightmare, I’m glad we don’t have to wear one. Poor Archie.

  9. Beautiful pictures, so much greenery!

  10. Poor old Bertie! I hope this cone comes off soon. Teenage boys seem to know exactly how to do exercise.... even if they don't. Sam is very particular about his weight training, he has several sets of ridiculously heavy weights. He once smuggled a set into our duffle bag when we flew to Switzerland... I noticed the bag was unusually heavy when I tried to move it from the car boot onto a baggage trolley... but his arms are sculpted like those of a Michelangelo statue... any, completely off topic.

    Birthday planning is always fun! Always good to plan ahead with shops closed and deliveries sometimes delayed (I am still waiting from one of my birthday presents, three weeks later). Menu planning is surely the best part of birthday preparations :-)

    I am so sorry I am always days behind with commenting. Time just passes too quickly! Have a lovely weekend when it comes xx

  11. I love your photos. Your countryside is so green and beautiful and your woodlands.

    Our Auckland libraries have now re-opened. I ordered a lot of books from the library during lockdown, just waiting for them to arrive. In the meantime I am using the library's online eBooks and reading them on my cell phone. All the best, Rose x

  12. My little boy loves a good joke. He has several joke books and just loves to pop one on us. My boys got very bad haircuts this past weekend, and then Bear just might have been cut too close on his behind because he scooted on it so much he has a sore. He was back in the collar again for a few days and a visit to the vet, Between me cutting him, his bad haircut and his sore behind he has had a rough patch these past few weeks. Stay safe.

  13. I miss the library too, but have been getting ebooks and audio books during lockdown. We have a book swap set up in our village. Just paperbacks but you take what you like the look of and bring what you have finished with. My daughter has a rolling swap shop with some of her friends from before lockdown and she's just carried on, with correct distancing.

  14. what a beautiful part of the world you live in....loved seeing the photos. I miss our library, too....such a strange world. And your little Bertie...hang tough, little one.

  15. Such beautiful walks in such a lovely part of the country. I hope Bertie can shed his cone soon. It’s impossible to keep one on Hector... he manages to eat them! I miss the library too!