Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Me and m'puppy

'Get a photo of me with my puppy.'

Littlest boy: 'He's MY puppy.'

'Okay, get a photo of me with your puppy. Quick, there are ants on here. Hundreds of them.'

'Mum, there are THOUSANDS of them.'


Dog jumps down and runs away.

'Did you get one?'

'I got one after he jumped down.'

Catches dog.

'Quickly, okay, just take one quickly. Well, take a few because, you know, I won't look good in most of them.  ...   Have you taken one yet?  ...  TAKE THEM NOW, JUST TAKE THEM NOW.'

Dog runs off. Mother runs off shaking out t-shirt.

It's a really good bench no? Just had to have a photo on it, ants notwithstanding.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

With the wind in our ears

summer lunch from the garden

chocolate cake

It turns out that puppies are surprisingly hard to photograph. All that wild unpredictable motion. Brown ones are especially tricky. We took him on his first big outing today, up to the common. All that space. All those dogs. Grass higher than his head. Oh it was exciting. Seeing him galloping along with the wind in his tail having fun is very satisfying. I think the whole dog thing will grow on me. Just as soon as I've had the phone re-cabled...

We've been out and about in between showers, scooting and skating and puppy walking and even a spot of uniform buying. I'm trying to get that tackled early on to get it out of the way. Swimming has been a big hit this summer. Might be something to do with Adam Peaty. I tend to sit and watch, or to be more accurate not watch. I do a bit of writing or reading. It really is quite a luxury not to have to hover over the children all the time these days. A spot of peace! I try and use the time wisely. A little planning for the novel that I mentioned. Thank you for all of your lovely supportive comments, and for saying you'd read it, you are wonderful. Best write it now then.

Have a lovely Sunday. I shall be busying around doing the usual home / dog / garden / kitchen / children things. And trying to squeeze in a bit of writing time when no-one is looking and it's all peaceful. Might even get a whole five minutes. CJ xx